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PIM Solutions

Companies are realizing more and more that customers have become more demanding and want more and better product information. Therefore, companies have to organize their products and catalogs to offer and adjust their large collection via a large collection of channels. With all of their product information centered in one place, companies can maintain better and consistent product data.  

Product Information Management system (PIM) is a tool that helps companies to centralize and harmonize all the technical and marketing information of their catalogs and products.

Retailers are now addressing their PIM needs in the context of their omni-channel strategy.  The PIM can be a single source of truth for data. Typically we see an integration between the ERP and PIM where the data of the ERP is enriched with more marketing data in the PIM. From an omni-channel perspective, PIM enables retailers to manage product information to their different sales channels (web, stores, print catalog,…) in a more flexible and structured way.

PHPro PIM description

 PHPro helps organizations to adopt and implement a PIM strategy. Our service portfolio includes, but is not limited to:

  • Definition of the business goals that can be achieved by the means of a PIM solution. Making your business aware of the needs and benefits of a PIM solution
  • Analysis workshops to define functional and technical requirements, creating a data architecture / design
  • Implementing the selected PIM solution in your existing ICT architecture
  • Training your staff to work with a PIM system
  • Supporting your PIM solution on the long term 

PHPro is implementation partner of two very popular PIM platforms: 

contentserv logo PHPro

A German software manufacturer of innovative solutions for efficient structuring of information, marketing, print and media processes. The CONTENTSERV Enterprise Marketing Management system offers Media Asset Management, Product Information Management, Translation Management, Publication Management, Business Process Management, Online editing and reviewing of marketing collateral, and more.

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A young, fast growing company headquarted in France with branch offices in Düsseldorf and Boston. Akeneo is based on the Symfony2 framework. Since Akeneo is open-source it is highly customizable and extensible to your specific business needs. Akeneo is available in a free Community version or a licensed Enterprise version.