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About us

We Provide a professional approach to PHP Development

Cronos Connection

Since we are part of Cronos, we can easily call on other IT competences, Cronos is an ICT Holding consisting of over 200 companies, each specialized in specific ICT competences such as... usability, user experience, mobile, strategy, ERP, CRM, BI…


Pure technical partner to develop PHP applications. Not marketing driven, we are techies who take care of building a reliable, integrated and high-performing website, webshop or application.

Long Term Vision

The vision of PHPro is to develop applications that are extendable and supportable in the long term. Therefore we use a well-defined project approach and proven software methodologies.

Large Team

Since our mission is to support long term projects, we have composed a motivated and highly skilled team.Thanks to this team of over 45 IT professionals, we are able to respond quickly on support issues or request for changes.