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Akeneo 2.0


On 28th of September 2017, Akeneo released a complete new major release of its software. In this article, PHPro will walk you through some of the major changes in the new version of this PIM system.

With this new release, it is important to know that the older version 1.5 will no longer be supported. The 1.7 version will still be supported for 24 months.

Akeneo Banner image


From a technical point of view, Akeneo 2.0's technical stack consists of:

  • PHP 7.1 and Symfony 3.3
  • Storage is simplified and a better search is provided by using Elastic Search and MySQL
  • Front-end of Akeneo uses Yarn and Webpack

Another great thing is that a command line migration tool is available to guide you through the migration from 1.7 to 2.0. This tool will help you migrate as well product data as catalog structures.

With version 2.0 a lot of new functionality has been added to the Web API of Akeneo.

Important for developers to note is that a complete new PHP API client is available on Github to fully test your API calls!

Akeneo 1.7
Akeneo PIM 2.0 - Product grid


In the 2.0 version, Akeneo implemented a brand new design of the user interface. The navigation was adapted to a vertical layout for better visibility and allowing for faceted filtering as we know from within e-commerce sites.

Also, the product form was completely redesigned which results in much faster enriching your products. Also, you can now view all attributes in one screen and no longer have to switch between attribute groups.

Akeneo PIM 2.0 - Product form
Akeneo PIM 2.0 - Product variants


As from 2.0, Akeneo says goobye to "Variant groups", "Inner Variation bundle" as "Enterprise Edition"-only features. Akeneo 2.0 offers a new catalog modeling to manage complex products with variants much better integrated in Akeneo and available for as well Community as Enterprise users.

To make the enrichment of product variants easier, Akeneo created the "product model " concept. This allows managing up to 3 levels of enrichment for your product with variants.

A very nice advantage of this new product model is that products with variants are managed and enriched in the same way as other products. Akeneo 2.0 provides a smart search for products with variants which has been added to the product grid and automatically displays what you are looking for.

The product form itself was boosted in the 2.0 version as mentioned above but also has gotten some great features for products with variations. It allows you in a very intuitive way to enrich the common properties or the specific ones for a product with variants.

Akeneo PIM 2.0 - Product variants colors