Magento Multistore for Orac Decor


Superbe interior decoration with innovative technology, materials, and design, that's what Orac Decor is all about. When it was time to transform the standard website with a relatively simple catalog into a fully-fledged e-commerce platform, PHPro took up this challenge with great enthusiasm!

Multistore concept

11 different websites, 19 store views and 14 languages: that was the scope of Orac Decor's project. This was the first time we had engaged such a huge and international project. The goal was to get visitors to land on the most relevant store based on their browser language and location. PHPro solved this with a GeoIP redirect, allowing Orac Decor to directly reach their most important international sales markets.

PHPro offered the following services: Analysis , Development with Magento 2 Commerce , Wireframes , Design ideas , Personas





Magento 2 Commerce (enterprise)


CMS content blocks 

Through custom content blocks, it is possible to present the best UX and visuals to new and returning visitors. Moreover, the database of these content blocks is accessible to the employees of Orac Decor, which makes it easy to reuse the different elements for other purposes.

Magento 2 Commerce (enterprise) 

PHPro has chosen Magento 2 Commerce to build the new Orac Decor webshop. The extra advantages that Magento 2 Commerce has in its range were necessary to implement the extra features on the new webshop. More information about Magento 2 Commerce can be found here: Magento 2 Commerce.


Akeneo was used for this immense webshop as a Product Information Management system. For the implementation, we worked together with our partner Induxx. Induxx has made sure that the different products synchronize flawlessly with the Magento platform. On top of that, assets in the form of technical documents, inspiration images, ... synchronized between both platforms. With Akeneo, Orac now easily manages all products and assets in one central place.


Main features

  • Multistore: 11 websites, 19 store views and 14 languages 
  • Glue calculator 
  • The search bar on all levels 
  • Dealer locator 
  • Inspiration including filters 
  • Download center for technical drawings, hi-res inspiration images
  • Blog 
  • CMS content blocks