OroCommerce 5.0


OroCommerce remains the B2B e-commerce platform of the future, they prove it again with the latest release: OroCommerce 5. We are pleased to discover that also in this release Oro again responds to improvements or features requested by the community and partners.

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About OroCommerce: OroCommerce is B2B e-commerce software that allows you to easily build a B2B webshop. Since Oro was developed for the B2B market, the platform comes with a number of highly desirable features built-in, such as multiple shopping baskets, company accounts, quotations and specific B2B workflows. Would you like to know more about OroCommerce? Then read the blog about the functionalities of OroCommerce and find out why you should consider Oro as a B2B platform.


This release is all about offering your B2B customers the best possible buying experience on a B2B e-commerce platform. In addition, the back-office staff has even more productivity tools and integration possibilities. Also the stability, scalability and security of the tech stack has been upgraded, an important feature of a good B2B e-commerce platform.

What's new in OroCommerce 5?


  • Improved customer experience: lightning-fast responsiveness
    OroCommerce got a big performance boost by revamping storefront assets, especially JavaScript, and improving server response time. Buyers do not get stuck, even with product lists or orders containing hundreds or even thousands of items.
  • Faster loading, high quality images
    Oro 5 supports the WebP image format by default. JPEG-quality images are loaded in a fraction of the time.
  • Accessibiltity: Fully accessible for all users!
    OroCommerce 5.0 is fully compatible with screen readers and other assistive technology. The storefront and back-office are WCAG and ADA compliant. Customers and employees with visual and/or physical impairments can take advantage of various assistive elements, such as search autocomplete, captions, larger text fonts and keyboard-optimised navigation.
  • Downloadable searches and filtered results
    Customers can download their search to an Excel spreadsheet for later viewing or share the file offline with team members. You can decide which product attributes can be exported, as this feature is fully customisable.
  • Saved searches and notifications keep customers informed
    Customers can now save their searches and be notified when there are new products or when the stock status changes. It's the easiest way to increase repeat purchases or average order values, and an easy way to win back lost customers.
  • Manage onsite searches with weighted attributes
    Determine the order in which products are displayed in onsite search results with weighted attributes. Assign importance to attributes such as product description or SKU to prioritise listings in onsite search results. Promote items that sell more frequently, have higher inventory, or get higher user ratings.
  • RTL language support
    Expand your reach with support for right-to-left (RTL) languages. Full frontend and backend support for RTL languages, such as Hebrew, Farsi, Arabic, Pashto and Urdu, ensures that the language and layout look good for a truly localised UX. Buyers can navigate, search and shop in their own language, while your staff can perform any back-office function needed in a format they are comfortable using. All this translates into more trust, engagement and most importantly, sales.
  • New productivity tools for your staff: Microsoft Office 365 integration
    Full integration with Microsoft Office 365! This lets team members spend less time switching between windows, leaving you more time for building customer relationships. Single sign-in makes it easy to synchronise contacts, calendars, tasks and e-mails.

What has been improved in OroCommerce 5.0?


Oro continues to rely on PHP as the server-side scripting language. This means that OroCommerce is not vulnerable to Java attacks like Log4j. In addition, they have updated the entire tech stack for:

Symfony 5.4 LTS
PHP 8.1 security release
PostgreSQL 13 / MySQL 8
ElasticSearch 8
NodeJS 16
Redis 6
MongoDB 4.4

In addition, there are minor improvements, fixes and optimisations in the official release notes.

Numerous API improvements
OroCommerce remains committed to providing best-in-class APIs. With this release, they have improved their extensive library of APIs so you can use OroCommerce to implement headless, composable, or unified eCommerce strategies. They have made numerous API improvements for both back-end and front-end and continue to expand their APIs throughout this year.


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