OroCommerce - The B2B e-commerce platform that works.

What is OroCommerce?

OroCommerce is an open-source e-commerce platform, built specifically to facilitate the e-commerce activities of B2B companies. It is a platform fully focused on B2B commerce (B2B, B2B2B and B2B2C).

Due to the available functionalities, OroCommerce has been proclaimed the number one B2B e-commerce platformaccording to a report by Frost & Sullivan.

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Why consider OroCommerce for B2B?


The digitisation of a business environment often revolves not only around growth, but also the more efficient solving of the often still manually performed day-to-day tasks. In addition, there are also many differences compared to the B2C market. A business platform must be able to respond to every workflow of a company.

Especially the typical B2B functionalities that are standard built into OroCommerce are a few plus points to make things easier digitally. This allows companies to manage time-consuming matters such as quotation requests, order processing, inventory management and more much faster and more efficiently. Because the platform forms a bridge between customers and companies, customer loyalty will be even stronger.


B2B e-commerce is also growing fast. Due to the strong growth, this market is now ready to undergo a digital transformation, just like the B2C sector a few years ago. Distributors, wholesalers, retailers, manufacturers and brands all want to get a feel for e-commerce. 

For example, a company that currently focuses on private individuals can achieve more growth by also focusing on B2B trade. Amazon and are some examples of B2C companies that are now also growing strongly with a strategy aimed at business customers.

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Difference between Magento and OroCommerce?


The OroCommerce founders were also at the forefront of the first Magento version. You can also choose between a free community or a paid Enterprise version, just like with Magento. In B2B e-commerce, however, things can quickly become complex and require more functionalities. Specific prices per customer group, company accounts and complex workflows are just some of the obstacles in the business-to-business workflows. These specific features are built into OroCommerce and work out-of-the-box. At Magento you also have access to a whole range of B2B modules that can be built up according to your needs via the Magento Commerce version.

The choice of a company to choose between one of these 2 platforms is not easy at all and will depend on the business case. For example, a B2B company can also partially or completely serve a B2C market, so that other needs and features may be necessary. OroCommerce also has a Marketplace for extensions. The OroCommerce Marketplace already has a lot of useful extensions, but the collection is a bit more limited than Magento's Marketplace for the time being.



Are you considering which platform is suitable for your specific business needs? Would you like to discuss the possibilities of both platforms side-by-side with us? Feel free to contact us via our contact form and an e-commerce expert will answer your questions.


The features of OroCommerce


Personalized catalogs for customers

With Orocommerce it' s easy to show personalized product categories to different companies. Furthermore, there are often different price lists available for customer groups. OroCommerce provides a feature to easily assign specific permissions and roles.


Defining price lists

As mentioned above, there are different price lists available per customer. Complex pricing can therefore also be easily set up through the backend of OroCommerce.


Corporate accounts

User roles and customer groups have a strong presence in the B2B. It is possible to create company accounts and grant the right permissions to users per type of profile. Billing, data analysis, creating quotes and many other rights can be allocated very specifically and accurately.


Order lists and Quick order

It is also possible to work with several shopping lists and baskets. The complexity this entails for additional custom development has been completely eliminated. A B2B customer can therefore easily choose products and assign them to order lists. As a customer, it is easy to place quick orders on the platform. There are also upload functionalities available, such as a CSV or XML upload fields and input fields. This makes it very easy to upload and order products in bulk. This means that specific orders are processed faster.


Create complicated workflows for your company needs

Creating a workflow is as easy as pie with OroCommerce. The system provides a workflow management system to set up and define complicated flows. This makes it possible to generate flows that require approval at certain hierarchical levels (e.g. by a sales manager).


Request and process quotes

In B2B, requests for quotes are a first step towards turning new leads into customers. Furthermore, these quotations also have to be made for existing customers. These quotations may also be modified a few times, for example to take into account new current discounts. The platform makes it easier to request and create quotations.

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Configurable dashboards

Most default dashboards are not always as relevant for the majority of B2B companies. The developers of Orocommerce have understood this and are offering fully customizable dashboards. Whether you always want to see an overview of your weekly turnover first or rather an overview of the leads you have received, with Orocommerce everything is possible.


CRM and e-commerce platform all-in-one

With OroCommerce you will never lose sight of a lead again. The e-commerce platform already has a CRM system built into the backend. New and existing leads can therefore easily be added to the CRM system and tracked. As a result, as a company, you no longer need to build in an extra CRM module or system.

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