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Winner Magento Enterprise Award 2016

Friday the 13th of May was a special day for us. Yes, it is considered as an unlucky day in our country, but for PHPro it wasn't!

Why not? Because we won the Meet Magento Enterprise Award 2016 on Meet Magento NL at Utrecht.

The award is looking very good in our office:

The clear call to actions on the homepage are obvious and guide the user to different entrances in the desired web pages. What is done very well in the shop of Expresso Fashion, is that you can see the whole 'look' within a collection and you are able to buy these whole looks at once. They show product pictures in which a person can be seen wearing the clothes shown. Both static images as moving images.

Another very good addition is that you're able to choose a delivery date (max. 7 days in advance).