One stop family shopping with Enyabe


Need a backpack for junior who's leaving on a world trip? Is daughter dear still looking for small dorm couch? Is a wine rack the missing piece in your kitchen? At Enyabe you will find all these things, and at a good price! Why? Because Enyabe is a true one stop shop for the whole family.

A one stop shop like this one contains many products, many pages and should be user-friendly for all family members. Sounds like a lot of work, right? Curious how we put together the Enyabe webshop? Then read on!








Magento 2




Enyabe wanted to offer a one stop shop for all daily needs: home, cooking, travel, sports, health, etc. In addition, users also needed to discover new things they needed, even if they didn't know them yet. Enyabe wanted a webshop that gives users relevant (read: perfect) product recommendations. In this way, users will not only use the webshop as a shop, but also as a source of inspiration.



The biggest challenge was to get the mobile user experience just right, for an acceptable budget. Eventually we decided to develop separate widgets for desktop and mobile. This enabled us to fully optimise the mobile experience.



We started the project by learning more about the new brand identity and vision which will guide us in this project. Our analysts and their internal team set goals and milestones together to ensure the best solutions would be put in place for Enyabe and its customers.

After this, our designer went to work on the UI design of the webshop. This UI had to contain all the elements that would inspire the user to explore new products.

Finally, our developers put on their baddest Metallica t-shirt to build a lightning fast webshop that packs a punch. We also developed separate 'Flash deal modules'. These Flash deals are widgets that show temporary discounts across the website. Enyabe can also set the duration and time of these discounts themselves.



The new webshop is fast, user-friendly and truly demonstrates what a one stop shop should look like. Moreover, our Flash deals have already driven an unseen peak in daily orders!

See the results for yourself and visit the new Enyabe webshop!




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