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inMusic Brands: Central customer account

Are you looking for musical instruments, DJ equipment or audio-software? inMusic Brands has it for you at one of their brands. A Magento audit, improving their customer account and centralizing their customer data; the perfect assignment for PHPro!


Want to know how we made it work? Read on!


InMusic Brands



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Who is inMusic Brands?


inMusic Brands is a family of brands of audio products like DJ-materials, music production materials, live music supplies, musical instruments, pro-audio, software, stage lighting and consumer electronics. inMusic was founded in 1992 by Jack O'Donnell and now consist of 20 brands, among them Stanton, Akai Professional, Headrush and Alesis.



The collaboration between PHPro and inMusic Brands consisted of multiple parts. It started with an audit of the Magento installation. This showed that it was behind, so the choice was made to upgrade Magento to the newest version. As we mentioned before, inMusic consists of multiple brands. A lot of these brands have a website running on Magento with no online store. The second part of the collaboration was to improve and centralize the customer account. The client information (from about 1,7 million customers) of all the brands was exported from Magento into a central CRM-system. This had a double goal: improve the customer experience and the possibility to manage all client data in one CRM-system. We were able to get this live in November, right before Black Friday.

And the collaboration between PHPro and inMusic Brands is not over yet. At this time we're all working hard to get a new website for brand BFD (drum software) online.



inMusic Brands is a global brand with offices is Canada, Germany, the UK, Taiwan, Japan, Bulgaria, New Zealand and the United States. It was a completely remote collaboration, where we had to take different timezones into account. Within inMusic Brands, because of the multiple brands, we had to work with a lot of different people. Sometimes there were 10 to 12 people present in a workshop, but all these workshops went smoothly with the desired results. This project had a very tight deadline. So it was of the utmost importance to work in an agile way, to decide which part were the most critical and which issues we had to tackle first.

We went to work with some new technologies; React App. With this app you can create and personalize user interfaces. At PHPro we had already done an implementation of the React App with Pizza Hut and Smartyard. Each implementation has their own difficulties and challenges, with the implementation of the CRM-system integration with Magento it was important to make the right choices at the right time. We met this challenge by aligning with all parties twice each week, that way we could make swift decisions.



A result to be proud of! The usability for the customer has improved immensely. The customer now has the ability to create a customer account more easily, can register a product or search for a user manual of a product. The customer service, which got a lot of questions, now has more room for other tasks. Also, inMusic has more possibilities to send promotions, actions or news to their customers now that they have centralized their customer data. inMusic trusted us to think with them and it shows in the stunning results. The collaboration between PHPro and inMusic is not finished yet. PHPro is working on the new website for brand BFD right now, this will be online in April 2021.

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