Smartyard: safe construction machine renting


Smartyard is an online marketplace where people can rent heavy construction equipment from owners. These owners can then make an offer so that the renter can always choose the best proposal. Such an extensive digital platform is complex and demands a fine level of development.

Online marketplace? Development? Sounds like a job for team PHPro!





React (front-end)





The goal of this project was to develop a user-friendly and high-performance digital platform for both renters and owners of heavy construction equipment who want to do business with each other safely and quickly, with as little overhead as possible.



To keep PHPro, Induxx and the Smartyard IT team in the same direction, we had to communicate efficiently and establish a clear schedule.

Also, start-ups often want to implement as many good ideas as possible and as quickly as possible. That's why we decided to list all the must-haves, nice-to-haves and won't-haves. This kept us focused on the most important features and allowed us to work agile.

Finally, digitization is a challenge in itself. Managers, employees, and customers all have to learn to work with the new application. This requires extra conviction and training from all stakeholders.



The project started with a creative analysis of the concept to establish an initial scope. In this way we determined two project phases:

In the first phase, Smartyard uses the application to communicate more efficiently with their suppliers (the owners). In the next phase, we will expand the platform with functions that allow owners and renters to connect.

For this project, a team effort of different experts was needed. PHPro was responsible for the customer-facing elements of Smartyard and Induxx delivered the PIM application with which admins manage the machine park.



Smartyard now has an easy-to-use, fast and secure digital platform that makes all communications faster and clearer:

  • Renters can request a quote up to 75% faster for a machine from multiple owners.
  • Owners build quotes in less than one minute!

Mission accomplished! Need a heavy construction machine? Then check Smartyard!



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