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To sell on Bol.com with Magento: Case Zesso

Zesso is a online store where you can find everything you need. From products for your home, child, garden to animals. Every week you can find new deals and promotions here. Their assortment includes well-known brands such as Brabantia, Philips, Bosch and Bamex. They are mainly quality house brands. Besides their own online shop they also wanted to sell on marketplaces like Bol.com. The challenge how they could best do this through a Magento webshop was given to us.

Marketplaces, connections and Magento? It sounds very PHPro-like if you ask us!






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Interested in selling on marketplaces?

Do you have any questions about the integration of Channable with your online shop before reading this case?
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Why the interest in selling on Bol.com?

Bol.com, Amazon and other marketplaces have become so big that consumers search their products less through Google but directly on these platforms. Zesso tries to use as many marketplaces as possible in order to reach a wider target group. Their pricing is competitive and that stands out on Bol.com. You only pay a certain amount to the marketplaces when you actually sell something. This way, you can test which products will or won't yield anything on such a marketplace.

Which plug-in does Zesso use to connect Magento to Bol.com?

They are using Channable, a tool specialized in feed management and SEA automation. With this connection you can send your products from your online shop to more than 2500 comparison sites, affiliate networks and marketplaces. They offer a direct link so that your products are automatically updated on the different marketplaces. You don't have to adjust them manually.

Since Zesso's online store is built on Magento, Channable automatically sends orders placed on Bol.com to their platform. Which makes it even easier to manage everything.

How has PHPro been able to help?

We assisted them with the complete integration. We made sure that the right plugin was installed so that all products from the online store were automatically sent to Channable.
Furthermore, we closely monitored the entire trajectory to make sure that the data was correctly exported and imported. With success!

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Did any challenges emerge?

Bol.com regularly renews their restrictions and parameters. As a seller, you are required to fill these out. From previous cases, we from PHPro have noticed that this is a difficulty for customers. To give an example, if you write the delivery time for your products, as a 'producer' you must also strive to achieve this. Bol.com is quite strict about this, because they don't want to get a bad reputation either. If you don't strictly adhere to these rules, Bol.com pushes your visibility on their platform down. Something you definitely want to avoid.

Questions about the integration with Channable?

After reading this case, do you have any questions about the integration of Channable with your online shop?
Don't hesitate to contact us!

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