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Our team of digital experts is happy to support you in your project! We have several consultants available, ranging from junior to senior consultants. Are you looking for a PHP developer or rather a front-end developer? You will undoubtedly find the expertise you are looking for in the list below!

Senior PHP/Symfony Developer (8y experience)

  • Immediately available
  • Technical: Symfony, PHP, PostgreSQL, MySQl, Git, C#, MariaDB, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, Laravel, LESS, Node.js, AWS, Angular, Drupal & Wordpress
  • Personal: Full-stack developer who likes to build challenging solutions. Extensive Symfony knowledge and experience with technical CRM systems. He has a passion for back-end work, wants to deliver good code and knows how to make the necessary analyses, both technical and functional.

Medior PHP Developer (6y experience)

  • Certified Magento 2 Developer
  • Technical: PHP, MySQL, CSS, Javascript, PWA Studio, GraphQL, REST API, HTML
  • Personal: Responsible e-commerce expert with experience in both front-end and back-end work. Has experience on multiple projects ranging from Fashion to B2B. Already experienced as a Tech Lead and experience with complex integrations ranging from SAP to mainframe.

Senior PHP/Front-end Developer (9y experience)

  • Certified in Shopware & Zend
  • Technical: CSS, React, Drupal, Shopware, Tailwind, PWA Studio, Next.js, Typescript, jQuery, LESS, Vue.js
  • Personal: This experienced and responsible front-end developer has worked a lot in React in recent years to build beautiful front-ends for our Adobe PWA Studio projects. The development of Shopware templates is also one of her strengths. From React, Next.js, Tailwind, Alpine.js and Angular to Drupal, she knows it all!

Junior PHP/Front-end Developer (2y experience)

  • Certified Magento 2 Front-end Developer
  • Technical: PHP, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, SASS, TypeScript, LESS, jQuery, knockout.js, Git, Composer
  • Personal: Very meticulous developer who tests her code to the last detail. Despite her full-stack knowledge, she has a preference for front-end work and likes to work out beautiful designs. She has a lot of responsibility and already worked on large, complex webshops.

Senior PHP/Front-end Developer (8y experience)

  • Certified Magento 2 Developer
  • Technical: Tailwind, Alpine.js, SASS, PHP, MyQSL, Magento, Bootstrap, HTML,  Git, Hyvä, CSS, jQuery, JavaScript, knockout.js, Vue.js
  • Personal: This experienced developer is now an expert in Magento and Hyvä. He has already built webshops from scratch and knows how to effortlessly convert Figma, Sketch and Invision designs into beautiful responsive screens.

Functional Analyst (11y experience)

  • Part-time available
  • Technical: Magento, UX, MoSCoW, HTML, SEO, Jira, Confluence, CSS, BPMN
  • Personal: This analyst has a passion for UX and UI. In addition, he is also a certified Magento 2 Business Practitioner & Scrum Product Owner. He gets his energy from complex analyses, knows how to manage the customer well, and can easily list requirements. He thinks along with the customer, keeps the end user in mind and has a lot of responsibility in his work.

Junior/Medior PHP Developer (2y experience)

  • Available from January 1st, 2023
  • Technical: Angular, Javascript, Symfony, REST, PHP, MySQL, Postgres, Laravel, Node, HTML, CSS, Git, SASS, Vue, GraphQL, MongoDB, …
  • Personal: On paper, this developer is still quite junior, but his added value in a project suggests otherwise! He works very precise and knows his way around Symfony. Recently worked on a major upgrade project in which a legacy environment was fully upgraded to the latest standards.

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