Cookie Policy

Which parties are there?

In this Cookie Statement ("Cookie Statement") is understood to mean: 'PHPro: PHPro NV, with registered office at Veldkant 33A, 2550 Kontich, Belgium, registered under the company number 0694.507.231. User', 'you' or 'you': any natural person (B2C) or legal entity (B2B) who has or will have a contractual relationship of any kind with PHPro via its online platform. Act': art. 129 Act on electronic communications, as amended by W 2012-07-10/04, art. 90, 017; (entry into force: 04-08-2012).

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text and number file that we store in your browser or on the hard disk of your computer. This way we can remember your preferences when using our Website. This involves the use of so-called functional cookies, which make the use of the website better for you as a visitor. And non-functional cookies to collect statistics from our visitors, in order to improve our website in the future. Unless you have adjusted your browser settings so that it will refuse cookies, our system will place cookies as soon as you visit our Website.

Information about our use of cookies

Our Website uses cookies and similar technologies to distinguish your usage preferences from those of other users of our Website. This helps us to provide you with a better user experience when you visit our Website and also allows us to optimize our Website.

However, cookies and similar technologies do not allow us to systematically collect data that could identify the users of our Website. They only help us to improve the operation of our Website, to understand the interests of our users and to measure how effective the content of our Website is.

As a result of recent legislative changes, all websites targeting certain parts of the European Union are required to obtain your consent to the use or storage of cookies and similar technologies on your computers or mobile devices. This cookie policy gives you clear and complete information about the cookies we use and their purpose.

Please read our Privacy Policy to learn about the privacy rules that apply to the Website. For further information about this Cookie Policy, please contact us at For further information about deleting or blocking cookies, please visit the following website:


We use first party cookies and third party cookies:

  • First party cookies are cookies created by the website itself. These cookies are used to optimize your user experience.
  • Third party cookies are cookies created by other parties (and not by the website). Third party cookies on our website are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Analytics. Google Analytics is Google's analytical tool that helps us understand how you interact with our website. The tool can use a set of cookies to collect information and report user statistics about the Website without personally disclosing individual visitors to Google. The main cookie used by Google Analytics is the '_ga' cookie.

A further distinction can be made between the following types of cookies: 

Necessary or functional cookies: These are necessary for the operation of our website. They include, for example, cookies that make it possible to log in. These cookies 'remember' the choices you made on our website (e.g. language preference), which makes the website more user-friendly and enhances the user experience.

Analytical cookies / performance cookies: These cookies allow us to analyse our web traffic, view the number of users of our website and see how visitors navigate our website.

Targeted cookies: These show us the pages you have visited and the links you have followed so that our advertisements can be tailored more to your interests.

Below you can find an overview of functional and non-functional cookies, which are used on our website:

Cookie _fbp
Time 3 months
Type Marketing
Description Facebook pixel for conversion tracking for campaigns from Facebook.





Cookie _ga
Time 730 days
Type Analytics
Description Google Analytics: keeping track of statistics.
Functional cookie: if only functional cookies are accepted, the data will be collected anonymously.





Cookie _gat_UA-20069002-1 
Time 10 minutes  
Type Analytical
Description​ Google Analytics: for keeping statistics. 




Cookie _gcl_au 
Time 3 months
Type Analytisch
Description Google Adsense: cookie for assigning conversions to campaigns on the website.




Cookie _gid 
Time 1 day 
Type Analytical
Description Google Analytics: track statistics by storing and updating a unique value of each page visited.




Cookie _hjd 
Time 1 year 
Type Analytisch
Description Cookie from Hotjar to assign a unique id to a session.




Cookie _hjIncludedInSample 
Time 1 year 
Type Analytical
Description Cookie from Hotjar to indicate if the session is included in the statistics.





Cookie _li_id.f713 
Time 2 year 
Type Marketing
Description Cookie ID for LinkedIn.




Cookie _li_ses.f713 
Time 2 year 
Type Marketing 
Description Cookie sessions of LinkedIn.




Cookie cookie consent_status
Time 6 months 
Type Functional
Description Selected cookie settings on the website.




Time 1 year 
Type Functional
Description Session ID assigned by the website to store settings and preferences.






Make sure cookies are enabled in your browser. To enable cookies, you must perform the following actions:

Microsoft Internet Explorer

  • In Internet Explorer, click on 'Internet options' in the 'Tools' menu
    On the 'Privacy' tab, move the settings slider to 'low' or 'accept all cookies' (setting above 'medium' disables cookies).
    Click on 'OK

Mozilla Firefox

  • Click the menu button and select Options.
  • Select the Privacy & Security panel.
  • Here you can view and adjust your settings for enhanced protection against tracking, including cookies.

Google Chrome

  • Open Chrome on your computer.
  • Click on More at the top right. Settings.
  • Click on Site settings under 'Privacy and security'.
  • Click on Cookies.
  • You can now do the following: Enable cookies: Set the switch next to 'Blocked' to 'On'.


  • Click on the 'Cog' icon at the top of your browser window
  • Select the 'Preferred' option
  • Click on 'Security', then uncheck the option that says 'Block third-party cookies and advertising cookies'.
  • Click 'Save

If you have any questions about this cookie statement or PHPro's privacy policy, you can always contact