Senior Online / Digital Marketeer

PHPro has been an established value and name in the market for many years for companies that are looking for a partner to build a digital solution such as a website, webshop or web application. PHPro started out as a team of highly skilled technical experts. We will, of course, continue to guarantee this quality.

Over the years, our project managers and analysts have supported our customers in their success story. Not only in the form of technical and functional support, but also in increasing the conversion rate of our customers.


Digital Marketeer

Flexible workplace

Kontich, Hasselt, Merelbeke or Aalst






This went from conversion at a website level to the conversion of e-commerce sales. Do our visitors reach the pages we want them to reach? How do we measure that and how can we adjust it? Why do users unhook on certain products, does it help if we change the configuration of the product? Does it make sense to play with the colours of our call-to-actions and to measure the result in A/B testing? Etc, ...

PHPro has experienced very strong growth since the start, and we want to be able to respond better to our customers' questions in the e-commerce area. The knowledge is already in-house, and to help our customers better, faster and more effectively we want to centralize this knowledge and further develop it around a team of digital marketeers. Of course, they work together closely with our analysts, project managers, UX designers and developers.

Would you like to contribute to the growth of our team of digital marketeers? Would you like to lay the foundation for what we already know will be a great success? Then be sure to read on!

What do we expect from a digital marketeer?

Passion! It has to be your passion to help a customer in his online business. You get energy from deepening the customer's figures and strategies, and get a kick when you can present new and creative ideas. The cherry on the cake is to measure and adjust the results of those ideas in order to achieve a success story for the customer!

As a digital marketer, we expect a good knowledge of Google Adwords, Google Analytics and a minimum of 4 years of experience in online marketing. At the start of a project you take part in sparring sessions with our customers to map out their marketing objectives and KPIs, in order to set our analysts and developers on the road to a beautiful digital success story for the customer.

However, this is only the beginning. It is at least as important to be able to continue to support our customers after the launch of their digital project. We expect a strong analytical spirit for this, which together with the customer follows and steers various aspects of their story. To measure is to know! Your first instinct is to thoroughly map out where the visitors come from, how they behave in the funnel, ... Furthermore, you support the customer's SEO, SEA, social media, emailing and conversion optimization to improve the results of your measurements. Pink clouds, fluffy blabla, ... it's not really your thing, you're about delivering results!

Your skills

  • A passion for making more money out of companies.
  • Experience in one or more of the domains discussed above (obviously)
  • Curiosity is in your blood: you wonder why certain things are needed. Simon Sinek is no stranger to you:
  • Open-minded and no-nonsense mentality? Then you are sure to fit into our group!
  • You are fluent in Dutch and English. Being able to order a baguette in French is a plus!
  • "Thinking outside the box" gives you an energy-rich feeling.
  • You like to participate in an activity with your colleagues after the hours.
  • You are not afraid to talk to other solutions at an event to find out whether they can provide extra added value. You take knowledge with you.
  • You don't mind making a mistake, because you learn from it. Doing your best is the most important thing, the rest will come naturally.

What we offer

  • Competitive salary and numerous extra-legal benefits (company car, fuel card, laptop, hospital and group insurance, mobile subscription, flex income plan, trainings, ...).
  • Top 50 customer projects in enterprise level.
  • Flexible working hours.
  • A young team of colleagues waiting to inspire you.
  • Growth possibilities.

Nice to have

  • Experience with tools such as HotJar, Google Adwords, Google Analytics, VWO, Autopilot, Hubspot, Optimizely, Facebook, Instagram, Pintrest, ...
  • Certifications in digital marketing tools.
  • You're not afraid to give presentations at events.
  • Experience in a Digital Marketing function.

What can you expect from us?

vacature_loon Competitive salary

“Money is the best deodorant.”
 – Elizabeth Taylor

vacature_laptop High-end laptop

No frustrations thanks to solid material! MacOS, Windows or a Linux flavour, choose what you want.

vacature_verzekering Group and health insurance

Bungee jumper or part-time bullfighter? We got your back!

vacature_team copy Mobile subscription

No more than 2 '#workinghard'-selfies a day, please.

vacature_bedrijfswagen Company car

Full-chrome truck or spacious family car? Choose your own wheels!

vacature_maaltijd Meal allowance

Daily free delicious and fresh lunch to keep your energy levels up.

Not quite convinced yet?

vacature_glijende-uren Sliding hours

Early bird or serial snoozer? 9 to 5 or 7 to 3? Anything goes.

vacature_bureau Flexible workplace

Choose your workplace in Kontich, Merelbeke, Aalst or Hasselt.

vacature_team Passionate team

Passion and talent abound! We're missing a couple of screws.

vacature_social_events Social Events

Escape room or drone race? Pizza with or without pineapple?

vacature_opleiding Tailor-made training

Conferences, courses and learning materials? Choose how you grow.

vacature_sig Side-projects

Need time for a genius idea? Work it out and amaze us!

Ready to join our team?

Does all of the above meet your expectations and are you up to the challenge? Don't hesitate and apply to join our team!


            How's your application going?

            Do you think you've got what it takes? Then we would be happy to invite you to an introductory meeting. We will discuss your experiences, interests and test your skills in IT or online marketing. In addition, we will tell you more about PHPro, our culture, our projects and our strategy. Is there a clear match? You will hear from us soon...

            Check! You survived the first step! We hope you're as happy as we are. We will further test your skills and knowledge of programs and frameworks, talk a bit more about what you would like to achieve within PHPro and how you see yourself within the team.

            Welcome to the team! We can't wait to introduce you to all the others! To assist you right from the start, we will provide you with a buddy, someone you can turn to with all your questions and who will assist you with your first projects.