Product Owner / Analyst

Developers will say: “our analyst will surely get it sorted out”. Our customer will ask you: “what solution would you recommend?” Giving insights in business processes and solutions is your cup of tea. You clarify and create added value to solve our customer’s problems. You outline our project to become a successful reality.


Product Owner / Analyst

Flexible workplace

Kontich, Hasselt, Merelbeke or Aalst


Junior, medior, senior




You start off projects at PHPro. You compile our project proposal together with the account manager and you defend the proposal in front of the customer. Afterwards you consolidate the project’s quality on a high PHPro standard during the analysis phase. You investigate the best solutions for our customers. You are all ears to our customers to adopt his needs.

You gather the user stories to define the project and you deliver a list of user stories and use cases. You are revered by your coworkers for your perseverance, your aim for perfection and your thoroughness. You create the functional and technical plan based on your interviews, workshops, demo’s and brainstorms. You use the technical architect’s assistance during the production of the technical plan. Together you advocate the greatness of the PHPro solution. Your many ideas enhance the solution and help the customer’s business even more.

Our customer’s feedback on your work includes ‘Bright’ as key advantage. You are available throughout the project development. Additionally, you keep a close eye on the project progress as you incorporate the lessons learned in future project analysis.

Your skills

  • Curiosity is in your nature: you question the underlying motivations. You are familiar with Simon Sinek (
  • You know how a web application works.
  • You have experience with e-commerce or web applications.
  • Your inquisitiveness sparked you to disassemble your toys as a child, just to see how they work.
  • You love modeling flows to display the component’s functionality.
  • You prefer to explain things with an accompanying drawing. You have a visual nature.
  • You are fluent in spoken and written Dutch and English. Notions of French is a plus.
  • You enjoy thinking outside of the box.
  • You find a decision matrix as important as a pint of beer at a football match.
  • You are ready to engage in an after-work activity.
  • You have the technical experience to translate the communication between the customer and the development team in both directions.
  • You do not shy away from engaging other solutions during an event to inquire on their feasibility. You take knowledge in. You do not shun to give a presentation on an event.
  • You are comfortable in making mistakes as long as you learn from them. You always put in your best effort.

What we offer

We offer you a professional, dynamic and growth-driven environment, just like any other company does. However, we hold our claims rightly so! You are always welcome in our offices. We are confident we will convince you when we show you around.

We offer you a competitive salary package with lots of extralegal advantages (company car, fuel card, laptop, hospitalization and group insurance, mobile plan). Our young and dynamic team values a learning spirit. Making people better and stronger by team work is part of the PHPro company vision.

You'll work for the top 50 customer projects at enterprise level in flexible working hours.

What can you expect from us?

vacature_loon Competitive salary

“Money is the best deodorant.”
 – Elizabeth Taylor

vacature_laptop High-end laptop

No frustrations thanks to solid material! macOS, Windows or a Linux flavour, choose what you want.

vacature_verzekering Group and health insurance

Bungee jumper or part-time bullfighter? We got your back!

vacature_team copy Mobile subscription

No more than 2 '#workinghard'-selfies a day, please.

vacature_bedrijfswagen Company car

Full-chrome truck or spacious family car? Choose your own wheels!

vacature_maaltijd Meal allowance

Bi'jes let cgici if tagliata balsamico? Plenty of choice!

Not quite convinced yet?

vacature_glijende-uren Sliding hours

Early bird or serial snoozer? 9 to 5 or 7 to 3? Anything goes.

vacature_bureau Flexible workplace

Choose your workshop in Kontich, Merelbeke, Eindhoven, Aalst or Hasselt.

vacature_team Passionate team

Passion and talent abound! We're missing a couple of screws.

vacature_social_events Social Events

Escape room or drone race? Pizza with or without pineapple?

vacature_opleiding Tailor-made training

Conferences, courses and learning materials? Choose how you grow.

vacature_sig Side-projects

Need time for a genius idea? Work it out and amaze us!

Ready to join our team?

Does all of the above meet your expectations and are you up to the challenge? Don't hesitate and apply to join our team!


            How's your application going?

            Do you have an interesting profile? Then we would like to invite you to an introductory meeting. We will discuss your experience, interests and test your skills in IT or online marketing here and there. In addition, we will explain more about PHPro, our culture, our projects and our action plan. Is there a clear match? You will hear from us soon!

            Check! You survived the first call! Hope you're as happy as we are! We will test your healthy know-how of your various skills and programs, talk a little more about what you would like to achieve within PHPro and whether you see yourself within the team.

            Welcome to the team! We can't wait to introduce you to the rest! To assist you right from the start, we will provide you with a meter or godfather, someone you can turn to with all your questions and who will assist you with your starting projects.