Web developer

Is your code flawless? Do you always strive for perfection and take ownership of your projects from < to />? Are you up to speed with the latest web technologies? Always eager to learn new things? Finally, do you have a good sense of humour?

If the answer's yes, then you are the web developer we need!

Our name might give it away but we are looking for a web developer with PHP experience who builds both beautiful front-ends (HTML, CSS, Javascript, ...) and user-friendly back-ends for enterprise web applications. As a developer, you'll work on projects for large customers (PizzaHut, Bristol, Bpost, ...) together with project managers, analysts and UX designers. You will adapt or integrate third-party software with existing open source applications (Magento, Shopware, Sulu, CraftCMS...) and develop applications tailored to the company via frameworks such as Symfony, React, Vue, ...



Web Developer

Flexible workplace

Kontich, Hasselt, Merelbeke or Aalst


Junior, medior, senior



Your skills

  • You are innovative, write reusable code and follow the latest developments in the field of web design and development.
  • Thanks to your analytical skills, you quickly find problems and solve them efficiently. During weekly stand-ups, you're not afraid to share your opinion and, if necessary, sound the alarm if you think the project is moving in the wrong direction.
  • Knowledge of front-end technologies (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, Angular, Vue, ...) and/or thorough knowledge of object-oriented PHP7, database management and MySQL.
  • Experience with GIT or SVN.
  • You know a thing or two about Apache and Ngnix server configurations.
  • You speak Dutch and English.

What can you expect from us?

  • A competitive salary package with numerous extralegal benefits (company car, fuel card, laptop, hospitalisation and group insurance, mobile plan).
  • Flexible working hours and locations.
  • A talented team that is always eager to learn.
  • A company culture in which team work, knowledge sharing and employee happiness are essential.
  • The opportunity to work in grand projects for big clients (e.g. Pizza Hut, Atlas Copco, Bpost, ...).
  • A 'PHPintje' or two every Friday afternoon.
  • The chance to create your own side projects within a Special Interest Group.
  • An annual teambuilding weekend, several social events and many knowledge sharing meetings.
  • We have a lot more to offer. Contact us and we'll be happy to explain tell you more about the job.

How can you really make an impression?

  • You easily switch between analysing and managing.
  • You have certificates in Symfony, Zend, Magento or other cutting edge frameworks and technologies.
  • You have experience with performance tweaking.
  • You have experience with Confluence, JIRA and agile operation.
  • You are familiar with PWA's, GraphQL, Redux, ...
  • You get excited with great design.
  • You already wrote your first New Year's letter in a web safe font.
  • SEO has few secrets from you.
  • Tu parles un peu de français (avec cheveux dessus est bon aussi).

What can you expect from us?

vacature_loon Competitive salary

“Money is the best deodorant.”
 – Elizabeth Taylor

vacature_laptop High-end laptop

No frustrations thanks to solid material! MacOS, Windows or a Linux flavour, choose what you want.

vacature_verzekering Group and health insurance

Bungee jumper or part-time bullfighter? We got your back!

vacature_team copy Mobile subscription

No more than 2 '#workinghard'-selfies a day, please.

vacature_bedrijfswagen Company car

Full-chrome truck or spacious family car? Choose your own wheels!

vacature_maaltijd Meal allowance

Daily free delicious and fresh lunch to keep your energy levels up.

Not quite convinced yet?

vacature_glijende-uren Sliding hours

Early bird or serial snoozer? 9 to 5 or 7 to 3? Anything goes.

vacature_bureau Flexible workplace

Choose your workplace in Kontich, Merelbeke, Aalst or Hasselt.

vacature_team Passionate team

Passion and talent abound! We're missing a couple of screws.

vacature_social_events Social Events

Escape room or drone race? Pizza with or without pineapple?

vacature_opleiding Tailor-made training

Conferences, courses and learning materials? Choose how you grow.

vacature_sig Side-projects

Need time for a genius idea? Work it out and amaze us!

Ready to join our team?

Does all of the above meet your expectations and are you up to the challenge? Don't hesitate and apply to join our team!


            How's your application going?

            Do you think you've got what it takes? Then we would be happy to invite you to an introductory meeting. We will discuss your experiences, interests and test your skills in IT or online marketing. In addition, we will tell you more about PHPro, our culture, our projects and our strategy. Is there a clear match? You will hear from us soon...

            Check! You survived the first step! We hope you're as happy as we are. We will further test your skills and knowledge of programs and frameworks, talk a bit more about what you would like to achieve within PHPro and how you see yourself within the team.

            Welcome to the team! We can't wait to introduce you to all the others! To assist you right from the start, we will provide you with a buddy, someone you can turn to with all your questions and who will assist you with your first projects.