Selling on marketplaces with Magento, Amazon en other marketplaces have become so big that consumers have started searching for products directly on these platforms, instead of through Google. So it can be interesting as brand to be present on marketplaces to reach a wider audience. On most marketplaces you will pay a monthly fee as seller (this is different depending on the platform) and a commission when you sell an item. So it's easy to test which products will work for you on the marketplace.

How can you connect Magento to a marketplace?


There are different integration tools available to link your Magento online store to a marketplace. For a customer at PHPro we used Channable, a tool specialized in feed management and SEA automatization. With this tool you can send products straight from your webstore to over 2500 comparison sites, affiliate networks and marketplaces. They offer a direct connection, so your products will be automatically updated on the different marketplaces. That way you don't have to manually adapt your products. Channable sends orders that are places on automatically to the Magento platform, which makes everything easier to control and manage.

PHPro helped this client with the complete integration. We made sure the right plugin was installed so that all products were send automatically to Channable. We tracked the entire system to be sure that all data was correctly imported and exported. With succes!


Possible problems and challenges?


Marketplaces tend to renew their restrictions and parameters regularly. As seller you are obligated to comply. We have noticed at PHPro that this can be a challenge for our customers. To give you an example, if you write in a delivery time with your product, you are obligated to achieve that goal., for example, is very strict in this matter, they want to keep their good reputation. When you don't strictly hold to the rules, Bol will push down your visibility on their platform. Something you want to avoid at all costs.

Tips to sell more on marketplaces


Now that you have made your connection between your Magento online store and your marketplace, you want to be sure that you have lots of sales. By making the connection, your products will be automatically pushed onto the system, but with some small optimalisations you have the opportunity to sell more of your products. There are many other sellers on the same marketplace, your products have to stand out.

What you need is:

  • A strong description of the product
  • A catchy titel
  • Pictures in high quality
  • A video of your product (optional)

Another tip we can give you to get more sales on a marketplace is by getting good reviews. When you as seller and your products get good review on a marketplace, this will positivly affect the decision of your potential customer. It gives them the reassurance they need. Marketplaces themselves are also sensitive to bad reviews, they want to make sure customers remain happy on their platform. A good tip is to invest in a good internal system to handle complaints and returns. The quicker these are resolved, the better you will score. How fast these need to be taken care of? Most of the time that depends on the rules of the marketplace themselves, but a good rule of thumb is within 72h.

Most of the time marketplaces have their own system to advertise on, this is also something you can use to your advantage as a seller. With for example this is called Sponsored Products. They will bring your products in the attention of customers who are looking for similar products. As seller you can determine on which keywords you want to be found. You'll pay a fee, only if someone clicks on your product. So it is still of the utmost importance to optimize your products for sale.

Selling on or other marketplaces?


Want to connect your Magento online store to or other marketplaces? Don't know where to start?

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