Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a popular analysis tool developed by Google to gain more insight into visitor flows, traffic sources, conversions and page views of websites or eCommerce sites. With PHPro we can also assist in setting up certain advanced settings such as enhanced commerce. Tracking errors, product clicks to the creation of funnels is very well possible with Google Analytics. Only the set-up and interpretation of the correct data will require the necessary experience and know-how.

At PHPro you are certain that your company will get the most out of Google Analytics to increase your sales and to achieve revenue growth. With our certified Google Analytics analysts, we can help your omnichannel company to find new opportunities and identify any obstacles preventing conversions.

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Do you want a detailed analysis of your website?

Our Google Analytics experts will look at where revenue is lost on your website. After this, we can use various methods to determine the real cause of the loss of revenue.