Hyvä - THE frontend theme for Magento

The Hyvä theme help us build the fastest stores while reducing cost and time to market.  A standard Magento theme loads over 200 JS/CSS resources (1,5 megabytes), Hyvä loads only 2 JS/CSS resources (0,2 megabytes)! Less code means less complexity, making it a lot easier and more fun to work with. By drastically reducing the amount of code that's shipped to the user, Hyvä achieves maximum performance. 

Detailed information about Hyvä:



At PHPro, we understand the importance of building fast and efficient online stores that deliver exceptional user experiences. That's why we use the Hyvä theme for Adobe Commerce (formerly Magento) to create high-performing online stores for our clients.

With Hyvä, we can reduce costs and time-to-market while delivering online stores that are optimized for speed and performance. By drastically reducing the amount of code that is shipped to the user, the Hyvä theme enables faster page load times and better overall performance. This means that our clients' stores will be more responsive, have higher engagement, and generate more sales.

The Hyvä theme is also designed to be user-friendly and easy to work with, enabling our developers to work more efficiently and effectively. With a simplified codebase, we can deliver projects on-time and on-budget, while focusing on creating exceptional user experiences that set our clients' stores apart from the competition.


Another benefit of the Hyvä theme is its seamless compatibility with Adobe Commerce. This powerful ecommerce platform provides a wide range of features and functionality for online stores, and with Hyvä, we can easily upgrade our clients' stores to Adobe Commerce without any major changes to the backend or database. This means that we can provide our clients with a powerful ecommerce platform that is tailored to their needs, while maintaining a high level of performance and user-friendliness.

By leveraging the power of Hyvä, we can reduce costs, increase efficiency, and deliver exceptional results for our clients. Whether we're building online stores for small businesses or large enterprises, the Hyvä theme can help us achieve our goals and deliver the best possible user experiences for our clients.