5 min reading time wins FeWeb bronze Excellence Award


Winning the FeWeb Excellence trophy is no easy task. As many as 97 entries was observed and judged for a month in the run-up to the 15th edition of the FeWeb Congress. Only the best-performing websites takes a trophy home. PHPro was even invited to take home bronze (e-commerce category) thanks to the Pizza Hut website.

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Digital experts in Belgium


FeWeb has over 500 members, all companies with a proven competence in the field of digital entrepreneurship. The portfolio of these companies is not negligible, because the best websites, apps and campaigns from Belgium are made by some of these companies.

To reward the hard work of FeWeb members and to promote digital growth in Belgium, FeWeb organizes an annual award during the FeWeb Congress.

A jury judges the countless entries on a number of crucial points such as: speed, mobile friendliness and UX. In addition, the entries are viewed and judged from a legal perspective. Only the top performers are given a trophy to take home.

FeWeb Bronze, Silver and Gold awards

There are 4 different categories and 3 types of trophies per category, namely Bronze, Silver and Gold. The 4 categories are divided according to domain: E-commerce, B2C, B2B and non-profit. Then there is one big winner who can receive the Overall FeWeb Excellence Award.

The similarities between the members are mainly technical performance, creativity and digital ingenuity.

Bronze award for Pizza Hut and PHPro

The time had come: the most efficient websites made in Belgium were finally announced. PHPro won bronze in the E-commerce category with the Pizza Hut website we created for TopBrands. We are of course very satisfied with the prize.

Thanks to everyone who was involved with the project and, of course, thanks to the Pizza Hut team for their great cooperation. However, PHPro has slightly bigger ambitions for next year, because we want to go for gold next time!