In need for a Web 2 Print solution?

For several years PHPro has been working in online publishing projects in different areas matching with the other core PHPro competences.

Our digital solutions allow online shoppers to modify and personalise their digital selected products. The final product is presented as a high resolution print-ready PDF that gets to the shop owner or customer.

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  • Complex solutions made to work effortless
  • Custom-made Web2Print solutions
  • Swift support

As part of custom development and integrations we build workflow applications where documents depart from publishing templates and then pass through several steps within the organization. During these steps, it is possible to edit a publishing document online based on different parameters. The publishing document is updated in real-time.

Web 2 Print solution?

PHPro also helps clients to build a complete solution or product for Brand Management. In these solutions online publishing tools, shopping carts, digital asset managers, email marketing tools, ... are tailor-made and / or integrated with each other into one streamlined solution for the customer.

Are you looking for an online publishing or Web2Print solution?

Connecting CHILI with Adobe Commerce (Magento)

PHPro developed the CHILI Connector for Adobe Commerce (Magento) Module.

Start an online print business by leveraging the full strength of the Adobe Commerce e-commerce platform in combination with CHILI Publisher as online publishing platform. CHILI Connector for Adobe Commerce provides a solid and reliable foundation for any B2B or B2C print e-commerce project.

Installing our plug & play connector on top of your Adobe Commerce webshop gets your web2print project up and running in no time!