CHILI Connector Adobe Commerce (Magento)

No further development.

We are sorry. We would like to inform you that we have stopped supporting our CHILI plugin for Magento 2. Looking for a custom solution? Give us a call! 

CHILI Publish and Adobe Commerce (Magento)

Start an online print business by leveraging the full strength of the Adobe Commerce e-commerce platform in combination with CHILI Publisher as online publishing platform. CHILI Connector for Adobe Commerce provides a solid and reliable foundation for any B2B or B2C print e-commerce project.

Installing our plug & play connector on top of your Adobe Commerce webshop gets your web2print project up and running in no time!

CHILI Connector Adobe Commerce (Magento)

The CHILI Connector for Adobe Commerce provides a huge added value on top of a basic Adobe Commerce webshop setup, the most popular e-commerce platform. The purpose of the CHILI Connector is to make sure that customers can buy CHILI products, customize them and enjoy a user-friendly web-2-print experience.

Feel free to watch our demo video on Youtube and discover the possibilities and advantages our CHILI Connector for Adobe Commerce module can have for your business needs.

Key features

  • Make any CHILI product available for purchase in a Adobe Commerce webshop
  • CHILI publish integration in the shopping cart for each CHILI product
  • Preview images on-the-fly for every CHILI product creation
  • Configure the WebToPrint settings in the Adobe Commerce admin panel
  • Configure the product preferences in the Adobe Commerce admin panel based on product level and global level
  • Configure the type of editor (in the Adobe Commerce admin panel) used on the frontend:
    • HTML 5
    • Flash
    • Detect which editor to use (mobile usage)
  • Highly customizable and extendable due to implementation of event dispatchers
  • WSDL caching (images and HTML forms)



Frontend features

  • Personalize CHILI products using the CHILI publish editor when adding a product to the cart
  • Use HTML forms based on the document variables
  • Use data source on Chili documents
  • Validation on HTML forms
  • Pagination through the document using Javascript (page names are used if available)
  • Preview images on-the-fly for every CHILI product creation based on the “image conversion profile” set for the product in the configuration settings in the Magento 2 admin panel:
    • when added to the shopping cart
    • when added to the “my orders” list in the customer account space after finishing the checkout procedure
  • Preview image URL caching (Ajax call is used to fetch new image URL if available)
  • Preview the created image in a light box
  • Download preview PDF (low-res PDF)
  • Download print-ready PDF (hi-res PDF)
  • See ordered Chili products in ‘my orders’
  • Redirect customers to a specific CMS page, for example: 404 not found, when an error of any kind occurs

Backend features

Add Chili document products in the Adobe Commerce admin panel and assign predefined preferences for each product. Browse for predefined preferences on the Chili server:

  • workspace preference (browse on Chili server)
  • view preference (browse on Chili server)
  • document constraints (browse on Chili server)
  • preview PDF export settings (browse on Chili server)
  • print-ready PDF export settings (browse on Chili server)

Module configuration:

  • Configure developer settings
    • Enable/disable WSDL file caching
    • Enable/disable debugging (keep track of called webservices in a database table)
    • Specify log file (where log messages should be written to)
  • Configure Chili server connection settings
    • Webservice URL (the Chili webservice domain)
    • Chili environment name
    • Username and password to access the Chili domain
    • Enable/disable to print errors on frontend
    • Select the error CMS page to be shown to the customer when an error occurs
  • Configure image conversion profiles settings
    • Default profile (browse on Chili server)
    • Category overview page profile (browse on Chili server)
    • Product detail page profile (browse on Chili server)
    • Shopping cart page profile (browse on Chili server)
    • Order detail page profile (browse on Chili server)
    • Specify cache lifetime (seconds) for the Chili document images
  • Select the locations where the preview images must be shown:
    • Category overview page
    • Product detail page
    • Shopping cart page
    • Order detail page


  • Configure Chili editor integration
    • Default workspace (browse on Chili server)
    • View preference (browse on Chili server)
    • Document constraints (browse on Chili server)
    • Select the editor mode to be used in the Chili editor on the frontend
      • HTML 5
      • Flash
      • Detect which editor mode to use from the device that is used to access the Chili editor
      • Specify cache lifetime (seconds) for HTML forms
      • Enable/disable simulating workspaces in the Chili editor on the frontend
      • Specify the header height (to insure the full page height is used without any scrollbar)
    • Enable/disable concepts for customers
    • Enable/disable confirmation before adding to the shopping cart
    • Enable/disable automatic HTML field validation (if set as mandatory in Chili)
    • Enable/disable automatic field validation in Chili editor (if set as mandatory in Chili)
  • Configure PDF export settings
    • Preview PDF export settings
    • Print-ready PDF export settings
    • Custom save paths of the PDF documents on the Chili server
  • Chili server document save path settings
    • Temporary documents
    • Quote documents
    • Order documents
  • Ability to configure a proxy server (replace the old URL with the new URL in the Chili server connection settings)

Cache management

  • Enable/disable cache for Chili document images
  • Enable/disable cache for html forms

Overview of all PDF’s generated on the frontend and backend

Detailed debug logging (all webservice requests are logged in a database table)

Release notes

We are continiously improving our CHILI Connector Adobe Commerce Module. Have a look at the release notes and discover which features we have implemented since the initial release.

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