Need an e-commerce solution?


PHPro is one of the few specialized e-commerce integrators in Belgium that can guide customers through the whole process of an e-commerce project: from an in-depth business and functional analysis to development, integration, testing, marketing and training. PHPro is the Belgian e-commerce reference who helps you realize your online strategy and optimized e-commerce website.

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  • An e-commerce project always starts with an intense analysis.
  • During workshops, our e-commerce analyst will guide you through the whole process of choosing the right payment provider, logistic partner, e-mail marketing platform,…
  • Aspects like taxes, shipping to abroad, importing products in the webshop, integration with backend systems,… will be tackled during analysis.


PHPro is a genuine technical and certified partner responsible for setting-up and delivering an integrated e-commerce website, based on Adobe Commerce (Magento), that is reliable, stable and extendible in the future. Since we dispose of a large team, we are able to support and extend your e-commerce website in the years to come.

Why a e-commerce solution partner?

A versatile e-commerce platform enables you to build an omni-channel online shop that remains future proof. New applications and platforms are being developed that can help e-commerce stores to serve their clients better. Think of modules, extensions and marketplaces such as Amazon and Bol.com. PHPro guarantees a solid foundation with expansion capabilities that you can rely on 24/7.

Need a B2B eCommerce platform?

A dedicated platform aimed at professionals or companies has its own specific needs and requirements. For example, bulk orders, account management and automation are just some of the things that need to be set up correctly. For a B2B solution, we first look at the must-have and nice-to-have functionalities in collaboration with our customers and afterwards we select a suitable solution for further development.

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Need a B2C eCommerce platform?

A B2C platform is aimed at consumers. It is a convenient showcase for customers who want to find your products online. These visitors want to find what they are looking for easily and fast with every visit: a product, a service, extra information, contact details and orders... Everything must be accessible within 3 clicks! 

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Offer both a B2B and B2C platform?

Are you looking for a platform with more possibilities like B2B2B and B2B2C? Feel free to contact us and we will guide you in your search for the best solution towards success for your business!

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