Need an e-commerce solution?


PHPro is one of the few specialized e-commerce integrators in Belgium that can guide customers through the whole process of an e-commerce project: from an in-depth business and functional analysis to development, integration, testing, marketing and training. PHPro is the Belgian e-commerce reference who helps you realize your online strategy and optimized e-commerce website.

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  • An e-commerce project always starts with an intense analysis.
  • During workshops, our e-commerce analyst will guide you through the whole process of choosing the right payment provider, logistic partner, e-mail marketing platform,…
  • Aspects like taxes, shipping to abroad, importing products in the webshop, integration with backend systems,… will be tackled during analysis.


PHPro is a genuine technical and certified partner responsible for setting-up and delivering an integrated e-commerce website, based on Magento, that is reliable, stable and extendible in the future. Since we dispose of a large team, we are able to support and extend your e-commerce website in the years to come.

Why a e-commerce solution partner?


Achieving more turnover and customers through an omnichannel strategy is a must. Therefore rely on a reliable partner with enough experience such as PHPro to always be one step ahead of the competition.

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