Digital strategy

Your road to digital growth

Need a clear strategic plan to build a competitive and sustainable online brand? We'll come up with a digital strategy to optimize your website for your audience, generate more traffic and maximize your revenue. We'll go through the following phases:

icn_business-intake_outline@2x Business profiling

What defines your business? How do you position yourself against competitors? What are your short and long term goals?

icn_buyer-persona's_outline@2x Buyer persona's

Who are your customers? How do we reach them? What drives or stops them from buying your product/service?

icn_customer-journey_outline@2x Customer journey

What ideal mix of channels and content do you use to to convert hesitating visitors into loyal customers?


After these workshops, we'll combine all essential information into a presentation you can use to inform all your project stakeholders. This way, we'll keep a clear overview and won't deviate from our strategy during design and development. When the project is finished, you can look back at every step we made.‚Äč

After digital strategy, what's next?

When your strategy is laid out, our designers will create a user-friendly web design optimized for conversions.