Elegant and User-friendly design


Design makes or breaks your website. Creating a compelling web design that is also user-friendly requires insight into your target group and a sharp eye for user interfaces. Working closely with marketeers and developers, our designers will wip out a design that stays true to your digital strategy and is immediately buildable.


icn_wireframes_outline@2x Wireframes

First, we'll define the framework of your website: how do visitors navigate your website and what elements are your pages made of? These wireframes tell us how your digital strategy is translated to your webdesign.

icn_ui-design_outline@2x User Interface

We then design the look and feel of your user interface. What will the most important elements of your site look like: fonts, colors, buttons, menus, filters, forms … This is where your branding comes to life.

icn_development_outline@2x Technical and functional analysis

Throughout the design process, our technical experts test the feasibility and related functions of the new design. By having techies and designers work closely together we guarantee that your website goes live swiftly and with a bang!

Final design

You can follow the progress of your design in Invision Studio. This way your team can give timely feedback on pages, elements and styling. With Invision Studio you can also present new designs to the right stakeholders in your company.

Design: check! What's next?


With a clear web design in front of them our developers can put on
their most bad-ass Metallica T-shirt to build your website!