Our capital? Our people!

"Are you still having fun?" We often ask this question to our people. Satisfied employees reflect on our customers. We believe that hard work is the result of a satisfying job. And we will only succeed if we have a good internal relationship, as well as with our clients.

Have a look at our team. 

Who is PHPro?

Work hard. Play hard.

Working at PHPro?


Ready to prove yourself in a talented team, with fun and passionate colleagues?

Knowledge sharing

Several times a year we organize a "knowledge meeting" where our people share their knowledge with the rest of the group in the form of a presentation, workshop, ... Pizza and more on the house!

Furthermore, our people get the chance to work out their own projects every last Friday of the month in our Special Interest Groups, where we give them the opportunity to investigate the latest products and technologies.

Knowledge Sharing

We support clients in their digital stories and have the people on board who can support them in personas, strategy, and conversion. However, we do not lose track of building a rock-solid solution.

Pieter Caluwaerts

Managing Partner

PHPro an online marketing agency?

Not quite. We offer our clients a complete solution with experts who can help in all aspects of their digital project.

Building a custom-made e-commerce website? Need a solution or plug-ins for your eCommerce site? In need of a CRO analysis? Need a digital marketing strategy?

It's all possible with PHPro! We supply certified IT consultants and digital experts with the required experience and a strong affinity for the entire development process. With the help of our specialists, you can count on the best service and results.

Very important to know is that our non-technical people have evolved or have a very close relationship with people who build your solution.

We continue to carry that value, our large team of developers must be given the room to build things according to their quality standards. Being pretty is not enough, it has to work!

Our assets!

Take a look at our team!