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Akeneo and PHPro: a strong, new partnership

15 December 2016

On the 28th of September, we were happy to announce our partnership with Akeneo, an open source PIM solution. If you don’t know what a PIM is, please find out more.

To celebrate the partnership, Akeneo invited us to their 2016 Partner Summit in Nantes. Two weeks ago, a small delegation of PHPro gladly accepted the invitation and followed an interesting 2-day programme.

Day 1 - The Castle

The day started at Château des ducs de Bretagne with an opening keynote by Frédéric de Gombert, the Co-Founder and  CEO of Akeneo. After his kick-off speech, the company’s roadmap was shared. It was very interesting to see what  Akeneo has planned.

The Akeneo Serenity Cloud Edition was one of the biggest announcements. It gives customers the opportunity to enjoy a  managed, cloud based enterprise edition with automatic updates and will be available in September 2017. Of course,  the known free and licensed edition will still be available.

 We were also very excited about the idea to launch Akeneo certifications, similar to the Magento cerfiticate system. At  PHPro, we invest a lot of time and resources to allow our developers to become experts in their field. We have the most  certified Magento developers in Belgium and the goal is to have the same level of Akeneo expertise on our team.

In the afternoon, there were various presentations of Akeneo technology partners. We also had the honour of meeting one of the most prominent Akeneo members, Ziggy. Since she is hard to handle, we had to go through https://ziggy.akeneo.com/ 1 before we could approach her. We talked about being the first Belgian partner and she immediately liked our way of working.

Having met Ziggy, we were really excited to meet her again at the Royal Party in the Akeneo headquarters. She told us she had always wanted to visit Belgium and travel home with us. We told her it was better for her health to stay at the Akeneo headquarters and went back to the hotel.

Day 2 - The Akeneo headquarters

The second day was all about workshops. People could choose between functional, technical, sales or pre-sales workshops matching their profiles. Some of us followed the functional training about the preparation of e-merchandising and products with variations. Others joined the sales workshops about the Akeneo extensions and ecosystem, and the tips and tools for your pre-sales journey. Some exciting news about our own plans for building extensions will be announced in the coming months. The first introductory calls between PHPro and Akeneo will already take place this week.

In the afternoon, there was more than enough time for an interesting Q&A session. After these workshops, we definitely craved for more. That’s why we will invite people from the Akademy for a 3-day functional training at PHPro. During this training, they will teach us more about the Akeneo functionalities and we will be able to dig even deeper than before.

Day 3 - Going home

While boarding, we immediately noticed that our new friend Ziggy was joining us on our flight back to Brussels. We tried to persuade her to stay in Nantes, but she told us that the Partnership between PHPro and Akeneo was too strong and that she couldn’t resist visiting the country with the best beers in the world.2

Luckily, we had no problem adopting and raising this three-headed, multichannel animal. We showed her all around the country, fed her, gave her a job …

We can assure the people from Akeneo that she’s safe and sound. She has almost travelled through our entire (and really small) country and will return home soon. Look at the pictures below and see how much she has grown. She even gave birth to two baby Ziggys!


As a Digital Commerce specialist, PHPro can provide you with a professional approach to your PIM problem. PHPro is an implementation partner of one of the fastest growing PIM platforms:

A young, fast growing company headquartered in France with branch offices in Düsseldorf and Boston, Akeneo is based on the Symfony2 framework. Since Akeneo is open-source, it is highly customisable to your specific business needs. Akeneo is available as a free Community version or as a licensed Enterprise version.  Don’t hesitate to contact us via info@phpro.be. We’re happy to help you out!


1 A lovely piece of Akeneo marketing if you ask me! 
2 Ziggys only drink beer and Belgium really has the best beers in the world.