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Inherit prices from customer groups

30 January 2014

Suppose you have 4 customer groups on your Magento environment. They all have their specific customer group price on different products. Suppose you want to create a 5th magento customer group in order to give some customers a specific shopping cart rule. However, the price policy for this new customer group is exaclty the same as magento customer group number 4. Normally you should edit all the different products and add the same customer group price for the 5th customer group.

Does it sounds familiar?

The Inherit From Group module is your lifesaver! With this Magento module you can indicate from which customer group the new customer should should inherit. As a result the new customer group prices will automatically be added on all your products!

Look at these 2 screenshots to see how it works:

Inherit from group magento

Product detail backend magento inherit from group


This will simplify your Magento time when creating new customer groups and inheriting their customer group prices!

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