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Launched: Doctrine Hydration Module

04 April 2014

Doctrine Hydrator for ZF2 


Today, we launched a first version of the doctrine hydration module for Zend Framework 2. The goal of this project is to add advanced functionality to the default hydrator that is being shipped with the Doctrine Module. This default hydrator is good enough for simple objects but can't handle advanced objects with all kinds of associations.

In our module these advanced objects are being handled by custom strategies for every different type of association. At this point we focussed on hydration strategies for MongoDB. In a next step custom ORM strategies will be added. It is also possible to add your own strategies for special objects like value objects, ...

Another cool feature is that you can create custom hydrators by configuration. This means you don't have to write any code and you can just unleash the power in the configuration file of your own module. There are many configurable options that you can use to create the perfect hydrator for your problem!

Can't wait to use this module? Clone it on Github (!