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List of countries in Magento including Magento country code

04 May 2012

246 : that's how many "countries" Magento lists. Magento is a worldwide e-commerce platform and thus also takes into account a very large list of countries. Although, some sources state that the official amount of countries is around 193, Magento uses a broader interpretation to the word "country".

Anyway, the blog post of today deals with a list of countries and their country code used in Magento.

When saving a tax rate in Magento, the platform will not use the name of the country, like "Belgium". Behind the scenes it will rather use the country code of the country, in this example "BE". You're probably wondering how to get the link between the countries and their county code? There is no list you can download from the backend in Magento. For your ease we made a file that combines the countries with their associated country code in Magento.

Download the list of Magento country codes (.txt) (you can use this for Magento 1.6.1)

Soon we will release a blogpost about the correct Belgian B2C tax rates for EU countries. We will provide you the correct .csv file that you can import! Looking good right?

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