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Magento Certified Solution Specialist Belgium (België)

25 August 2014


We were thrilled when Magento announced the Solution Specialist Certification a couple of weeks ago!

Today we are proud to announce that Pieter Caluwaerts obtained the first Magento Solution Specialist Certification in Belgium. After having the first Magento Certified Developer in Belgium this is again an evidence that PHPro is the progressive Magento Partner in Belgium.

Magento Certified Solution Specialist Certification

What about the exam and questions asked on the Magento Solution Specialist Certification?

Off course we are not going to reveal detailed questions about the exam :-) However, let us give you some important tips to succeed:

  • Read the Enterprise Study Guide in detail and play with the standard functionality to know what is possible and what is not
  • Know where you can use segmentation in the backend!
  • Know how the pricing of the different product types is used and what the restrictions are
  • Read the PCI compliance guide and know when to use the Magento Secure Payment Bridge and how it works
  • Know when to use the canoncical meta tag
  • Know the different possibilities of the layered navigation
  • Know the possibilities on the different architectural levels: Website, Stores and Store views
  • What are billing agreements and recurring profiles?

Getting the certificate without hands-on experience in Magento will be difficult. You should be able to know what is possible in the native Magento functionality and when a customization should be done. My experience with our projects and merchants did help in solving the more difficult architectural questions.

Good luck!