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Magento Translate Module

01 April 2012

Spending too much time on translating content in Magento?  Always looking for strings to translate in an enormous pool of csv-files? PHPro has the solution: the Magento Translate Module.

Today PHPro is proud and happy to announce a new Magento development module which will hopefully make any multi-store/multi-language Magento store manager and developer's life easier. Being based in Belgium, our clients regularly request webshops available in Dutch, French and English. In some cases we support more than 6 different languages on a single Magento instance. Thanks to the open-source ecosystem many Magento interface element translations have already been provided by the community. However, not all of the provided language packages are perfectly translated and every content manager wants its own e-commerce specific content translation.

Get ready, .... set, .... Translate!

Kind regards,