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Order Cancel Coupon Released

14 April 2014


Ever had the problem in Magento that customers use coupon codes but end up in a pending order? After their failed purchase they will contact you as a Merchant in order to complain that their coupon code is no longer valid.. Magento already indicated that the coupon code was used.. Basically you want to cancel the order and hope that the coupon code is available again. However, that not standard behaviour of Magento. But... Yes.. We've made a module to cover this behaviour! The module is called "Order Cancel Coupon".

With this module, you are able to cancel the usage of coupon codes when cancelling orders. Often people use a coupon code but end up with a pending order. In their new order they are no longer able to use the coupon code from the pending order. Cancelling the pending order will release the coupon code.

Key Features:

  • Release coupon codes when cancelling orders
  • Supports "Uses per Coupon"
  • Supports "Uses per Customer"
  • Supports Auto Generation of Coupon Codes

Feel free to test our demo:

  • Frontend: demo.phpro.be
  • Backend: demo.phpro.be/admin (demo / demo123)