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PHPro is a Magento 2 Trained Partner

17 November 2015

PHPro succeeded in the new Magento 2 Trained Partner Program. As a Magento Partner from Belgium we are recognized as trained partner in Magento 2.

The goal of the program is to:

  1. Ensure that solution partners are trained and ready to support demand for new Magento 2 build 
  2. Enable merchants to easily identify Magento 2 ready Partners via a badge

This is how PHPro succeeded in the program

2 of our Belgian PHPro developers had to complete the fundamentals of Magento 2 Development course. Each of them was spending 48hours watching the video's and doing exercises.
1 of our developers completed the course "Core Principals in Theming for Magento 2". Spending 12 hours of training we learned new Magento 2 theming stuff.
The hardest part of the program were the Capstone exercises! 4 of our Belgian PHPro developers (kudos to Kenny, Toon, Vicky and Joke!) did these exercises in 1 week!
We enjoyed working together on the exercises. Sometimes we got frustrated, sometimes we got stuck, but the most important part is that we learned, succeeded and had fun!

Magento 2 is now no stranger for us and, as a Magento Partner from Belgium, PHPro proved to be ready for merchants in Magento 2.

Magento 2 Dedication

"Dedication" was the keyword for us during this program. A couple of late nights, some interesting food experiences ("Kapsalon", Sushi and Pizza), office fun and knowledge sharing shaped our minds.

We already shared our Magento2 learning to the whole PHPro Magento team and are eager to create awesome Commerce projects with Magento2.

PHPro Magento 2 Partner BelgiumBelgian Magento 2 Partner - PHPro

PHPro proved to be ready for Magento 2!

PHPro = #MageGood

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