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PIM for your company: a selection process

28 November 2016

PIM or Product Information Management isn’t a new term anymore. There are various PIM vendors on the market that offer different PIM solutions. Companies are realising more and more that customers are more demanding and want more and better product information. Therefore, companies must organise their products to offer and adjust their large collection via many different channels. With all of their product information centred in one place, companies can maintain better and more consistent product data.  

If you want to select the right PIM solution, then it’s very important that you’re certain what you want. To make sure that you don’t stay in a quandary about which PIM solution is the right one for your company, follow the steps below:

What does your company need?

Don’t look at the different functionalities PIM solutions have to offer just yet. Gather a team of people that will work in the PIM system and brainstorm about things you want included.

Look for different vendors 

Go online, scan for PIM vendors and look at the different functionalities of their systems. Make a shortlist of PIM-solutions that match your financial and functional needs and try their online demo (if available) to get acquainted with their interface. Most PIM vendors only give access to their free, community edition. Ask for a personal presentation of their enterprise edition and, if possible, access to an online demo. Make sure you match your needs to their system and not the other way around!

Feature list

Use the following feature list to quickly compare the vendors on your shortlist. 

 Pim solution compare list

Are you interested to receive the full compare list, contact us via info@phpro.be 

The die is cast, or not?

Have you gone over the previous steps and still can’t decide which PIM you want to work with? You’re not alone: lots of companies are on the fence about this. Do you need help with choosing your PIM solution and/or integrating your PIM with your e-commerce platform or ERP? 

As a Digital Commerce specialist, PHPro can provide you with a professional approach to your PIM problem. PHPro is implementation partner of one of the fastest growing PIM platforms: 

A young, fast growing company headquarted in France with branch offices in Düsseldorf and Boston. Akeneo is based on the Symfony2 framework. Since Akeneo is open-source, it is highly customisable to your specific business needs. Akeneo is available as a free Community version or as a licensed Enterprise version.  

Are you interested to receive the full compare list, contact us via info@phpro.be. We’re happy to help you out!