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12 January 2012

De Persgroep Digital, a media unit of De Persgroep, has several brands in its portfolio. In order to enlarge online visibility, and provide the possibility to start up e-commerce projects related to other online/offline De Persgroep campaigns, Magento is used as e-commerce platform. De Persgroep has the possibility to start new webshops within the same Magento installation and based on the already existing functionality. The publication of new brands online is reduced to the highly necessary in order to optimize the time-to-market of future e-commerce projects.

Look & feel, functionality and back-end procedures were streamlined ensuring a stable, productive and highly performing solution. Based on Magento as the e-commerce platform, each channel can be specifically customized, configured and improved to comply with the technical and graphical requirements.

  •      Magento platform for e-commerce
  •      Multi-channel B2C environment
  •      Integrated with customer/subscription management system
  •      Advanced homepage
  •      Integration with third party modules
  •      Advanced banner module
  •      One step checkout to ensure a low entery-level to purchase
  •      Designed by De Persgroep Digital
  •      Load balanced environment