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Pizza Hut Redesign

21 August 2017
Zend Framework
Zend Framework

On Monday 21/8 we launched the new website of Pizza Hut Belgium. It was a very challenging project with a tight deadline, but we managed to deliver all of the features Pizza Hut wanted by the deadline.
In addition to a new look and feel and a new mobile experience, we also added some new cool new features such as:

  • login with Facebook or Google
  • one-click reorder of your last order
  • simplified sales funnel (from 5 steps to 3)
  • order history for visitors with an account
  • re-order features for visitors with an account
  • ability to mark pizza's as favourite for visitors with an account
  • ...

Take a look:

A big thanks to our team and the people at Pizza Hut for making this project a succes!