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15 May 2013

Tadaaz brings a mixture of creativity and quality in offline print to share those special and memorable moments in life. The website allows the visitor to browse through a premium selection of beautiful designs and then personalize it using the built-in editor. Among other personalized products, you can find high quality birth announcements, wedding invitations, mourning cards and Christmas cards.

Drupal Commerce

We all know by now that Drupal is not just a content management system. Using Drupal and the Commerce module suite we were able to build a solution that perfectly fits the business case. Tightly integrated with a Zend Framework application called BOB, this combined platform is now at the haert of the organization. Some of the most noteworthy features are:

  • Faceted search using Solr and Search API
  • Multi-country, multilingual setup with just one core and one database
  • Docdata PSP integration
  • CHILI Publisher integration
  • Integration with a custom built Zend Framework application using a RESTful API.