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Ever wanted to become the number one e-commerce player in your market segment? Then you will definitely need the number one e-commerce platform: Magento

Magento is the award-winning e-commerce platform that allows merchants to build powerful webshops. Many aspects, such as usability and extensibility, make Magento the fastest growing e-commerce product currently available. Magento is open source technology which is free for everyone. Along with this powerful asset Magento is the specialized e-commerce platform in current e-commerce era.

The Magento™ eCommerce platform combines the flexibility of open-source technology with advanced capabilities for a vendors unprecedented control over the management of their online shop.

According to Google Trends, the term “Magento” is now Googled more than the word “eCommerce.”

With over 425,000 downloads in the first five months after its launch in 2001 Magento is the fastest growing eCommerce system available today. Large companies such as 3M, Nokia, John Deere, Nespresso, Samsung and Lenovo are some examples of users.

PHPro is a Magento Silver Solution Partner with over 33 Magento Certifications in our team! We take Magento projects to the next level by integrating the Magento platform with every possible backend platform, ERP, CRM systems customers are using. Contact us in order to receive more information or to get a quote. You are always welcome to have a chat about your ideas. Let's make your ideas greater together!

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