Adobe Sensei for Adobe Commerce (Magento)



Adobe Sensei is the Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) platform from Adobe. It adds some powerful features to Adobe's product line-up. But what are the benefits? And how does Adobe Sensei work with Adobe Commerce (Magento) to support and drive sales? Find out in this blog.

What is Adobe Sensei?


Adobe Sensei is Adobe's in-house AI and ML platform. Since Sensei was first introduced in 2016, it has expanded to support a wide range of Adobe SaaS tools and platforms. By leveraging the artificial intelligence of Adobe Sensei, businesses can:

  • Personalize their marketing efforts. Go for one-to-one personalisation!
  • Gain new insights with real-time data and deep analytics.
  • Get more out of their advertising budget through the optimization capabilities of Adobe Sensei.

At this time Adobe Sensei is automatically integrated in Adobe Experience Cloud, Adobe Creative Cloud and Adobe Document Cloud.


Why is Adobe Sensei important for Adobe Commerce (Magento)?


Adobe Sensei is an AI engine and predicts customer behaviour using collected data. It enables companies to effectively tailor their content to the needs and wants of their customers. By predicting customer behaviour, Adobe Sensei reduces guesswork and makes it easier to make informed choices. Artificial intelligence has always been an expensive technology inaccessible to most businesses. Giants like Amazon and Netflix have been using AI and machine learning to power their online functionality for years. Through Adobe Sensei, smaller and mid-sized businesses can also gain access to advanced technology at an affordable price.

Product Recommendations


One of the most interesting features of Adobe Sensei for Adobe Commerce is the product recommendations. Based on AI data, recommendations are made based on shopping behaviour, popular trends, similarity of products and more. Most shoppers are searching, they don't really know what they want. Product recommendations are their lifesaver! By recommending the perfect and relevant product to customers, you can give them the same feeling as the personal shopper in a physical shop. The result: increased sales and a happy customer. Adobe Sensei allows you to easily increase the impact of your digital merchandising efforts without all the manual work. Product Recommendations are automatically integrated in Adobe Commerce Cloud. Magento Commerce users can use the technology in their online store through the extension Product Recommendations without additional costs.

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Live Search


Get faster search results through smarter recommendations from Adobe Sensei in Adobe Commerce. Shoppers who use search are much more likely to buy something. Many shoppers are looking for something very specific, but most do not use navigation. They use keywords to get relevant results. Before Live Search from Adobe Sensei, you had to do hours of manual work, applying rules in the back-end. But with Adobe Sensei you use leading AI and machine learning in combination with your catalogue data. This allows your webshop to deliver personalised search results at lightning speed for each of your customer's searches. Live Search is available for Adobe Commerce customers and it's free. All you have to do is download the extension.



In an increasingly competitive e-commerce market, consumers have become more critical. They expect an excellent experience on your website. Adobe Sensei functionality brings you one step closer to the perfect customer experience. Less manual work for your team, a superior customer experience for your customer: the perfect combination.

PHPro is one of the largest Adobe Commerce Partners in the Benelux. Want to know more about what Adobe Sensei can do for your Magento webshop or Adobe Commerce online store? Contact one of our experts and plan a meeting.