6 tips for more conversions through your product page

A product page must be given as much attention as a presentation of products in a store. Is the product well in sight? What is the lighting on the images? The product range largely determines how high a conversion ratio will be. A product page actually needs as much consideration as the presentation of products in a brick and mortar shop. Is the product in view? How is the lighting on the images? Let us proceed:

meer conversies op productpagina

1. Use a combination of breadcrumbs

Breadcrumbs are a kind of guide for visitors on your website. They can consist of hierarchical links at the top of a page. This makes it easy for a visitor to return to a previous page or a category above.
A "Back to results" button is a "history-based" breadcrumb.

Visitors can land on a product page in different ways. Sometimes they will have to find other related products in the same category, and sometimes they will want to go back to earlier search results. Therefore it is important to provide the product pages with both types of breadcrumbs.

2. Use enough good images


Visitors expect to see enough good quality images. Judging a product from a distance is a very different process than in a store. In a store, you expect potential customers to take a closer look at the product from every angle and try it on if they want to.

That experience should be better exploited on an online platform. Of course, a customer can always return the product, but they want to be sure that a purchase is justified. Do your products look good on all images? In that case, your customers will want to order right away!

3. Use demonstration videos

A product video is comparable to a demo demonstration in the store. The difference is the virtual location on a product page. A video is sometimes crucial whether a product is sold or not sold at all. Certainly functional and expensive products could be sold better with a video demonstration.

4. Use good product descriptions


The product description is the sales pitch on your product page. It is especially important to give a visitors sufficient viewing options. Introductory (original) texts with drop-downs are a good start. You can also use storytelling and tell about the history, functions and special features of the product. Storytelling beats boring factory descriptions anytime!


5. List important product specifications

Product specifications are extremely important to provide more details that may be of interest to a customer. A pair of pants without a size indication is hard to sell. Always provide sufficient specifications on your product page.


6. Use an eye-catching CTA

The shopping cart icon is an important Call To Action on the product page. You can place it at the top of a page or on eye level. A/B-test with different colors! A CTA should in any case always stand out. The chances of a sale are considerably higher.

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