Hello Bona!

In July Bona Kim joined us as a web developer. How did she experience the past months within PHPro? Because to be honest... It wasn't easy to start a new job in the middle of this corona craze.

Are you curious about her story? Then be sure to read on! 😉 

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Good afternoon Bona, thank you for keeping a spot free in your schedule.
First of all I would like to congratulate you on your new job at PHPro!
Can you introduce yourself briefly?

Hi! I'm Bona Kim. I have been working at PHPro since mid-July, which is quite recent. 
Four years ago I moved from South Korea to Belgium. In South Korea, I worked closely with an IT department within my job. From there my interest in IT grew, not so much the web part as the broad meaning of the word.

With moving to Belgium, I saw the opportunity to educate myself. That's how I ended up at BeCode and followed an interesting training in web development.

Straight from South Korea to Antwerp, what a nice background! How did you end up at PHPro from BeCode?

My coach at BeCode, is a PHP senior developer. During my training he asked me if I had a preference for a company I would like to work for. I didn't want to end up in a start-up or a big company, but rather in a medium-sized corporation.
That way I have the space to grow and learn from colleagues. My coach knows PHPro from a series of projects and has recommended this position to me. And that is how I ended up here.

How do you feel inside PHPro? Do you get enough support?

I am very satisfied with my new environment. When I started working at PHPro we were in the middle of the COVID-19 crisis.

We had to work from home as much as possible and I was a little afraid that I could not get the feedback I needed. In retrospect, the fear I had was not necessary after all.

When you start working at PHPro you will be assigned a godmother or godfather. My godmother is Sarah Vrielinck. She has assisted me very well and guided me where necessary. At PHPro, she is very busy with her projects, but the great thing about her is that she doesn't lose sight of me. She helps me where necessary with all my questions and challenges.

A very pleasant functioning within PHPro.

Very nice to hear that you are feeling so good within PHPro! This way we are another female colleague wealthier! Have you ever met Vicky? In 2019 we also interviewed her on the occasion of her 8th year anniversary at PHPro.

To put it in a funny way you can compare Sarah and Vicky with my parents within PHPro. They are very helpful.

If I have any questions and Sarah is not available, I can always contact Vicky. The atmosphere between us is good and I also notice that I have already learned a lot from them.

Nice to be part of the team!

They will love to hear that! Last but not least, do you already have a project you can work on?

At the moment I'm working on a training program and a project at Babylux.

The knowledge I gained during my training can be put into practice here. The most interesting thing about my job is that I learn new things every day.

Sarah, my godmother, has drawn up a step-by-step plan where she describes in detail how best to proceed. Also within this project I can call on my colleagues for questions.

Your first project is always exciting, but you can learn a lot from it!
Talking about learning, how do you see yourself growing at PHPro? What would you like to learn more about?

At PHPro we work in teams. I'm in Team 1, we mainly focus on Magento webshops.
If I had to answer your question now, I would like to see myself grow further within this platform.
We mainly work on E-commerce projects, this is also what I find most interesting as you have immediate visibility on the results!

I look forward to my further career at PHPro and the upcoming projects!

That will most certainly be fine. We wish you lots of success growing at PHPro!
See you soon!


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