OroCommerce 4.2


Here it is, OroCommerce 4.2: the annual feature release of OroCommerce! We're happy to discover that in this release, Oro again responds to requested improvements or features within the community and its partners. In this release OroCommerce continues to improve the user experience and performance.

This proves once again that OroCommerce is the B2B e-commerce platform of the future.

Want to know what the most important new features are? Be sure to read on, we'll explain them for you.



About OroCommerce: OroCommerce is B2B e-commerce software that allows you to easily build a B2B webshop. Since Oro was developed for the B2B market, the platform comes with a number of highly desirable features built-in, such as multiple shopping baskets, company accounts, quotations and specific B2B workflows. Would you like to know more about OroCommerce? Then read the blog about the functionalities of OroCommerce and find out why you should consider Oro as a B2B platform.

Also in the new release is a number of functionalities that will improve your customer's user experience. The most important ones are:


Seek and find


  • A new version of elastic-search with faster, optimized and more relevant search results
  • Autocomplete on the existing search bar by default

Order faster


  • A completely new 'quick order' form to manage more than 100 order lines within 1 page faster & easier
  • Upload a CSV-file for filling orders, shopping lists and completing the checkout
  • Managers can now also see all the shopping lists of all their representatives

Drag & droppen


  • Well, drag and drop was already possible in the previous version of OroCommerce through the built-in pagebuilder
  • With the new version, Oro is focusing on additional widgets to make filling out content even more fun and easy!
  • In addition, there is now an extra effort on content preview, so you can first validate whether everything is correct before putting your creations online.

Improvements to the webshop


  • Prefer to show filters on the left instead of on top? This can now be done quickly and easily through the configuration in the default template
  • With the customizable cookie consent notification banner you are completely up-to-date with the current GDPR rules

Speed speed speed!

  • ‚ÄčOne of the most important, but often underestimated, features is the performance of the platform itself! How does the platform react to an extremely large catalog? And does the checkout still load smoothly with an exponentially increasing number of order lines?
  • With Oro, you can convert thousands of item lines into one order in no time, without having to compromise on complex price calculations.
  • Did you know that Oro has a guideline that each checkout step should load under 0.7s for 200+ order lines?
  • In addition, with each release, Oro also puts further effort into front-end optimization, JavaScript and media loading, and search results performance.
  • So making a cup of coffee while the order is loading is no longer an option. Make sure your portion of caffeine is ready before you start ordering!

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