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PHPro is the only Blackfire Enabled company in the BeNeLux


Quality assurance is the PHPro trademark, that's why we're proud te be recognized by Blackfire with their Blackfire Enabled label. We're the only company in the BeNeLux who has had the honor of receiving this label. The label is an indication that we have a lot of expertise in using Blackfire to improve and maintain PHP applications. Using Blackfire allows us to test the performance of our work and deliver the highest quality to our clients.



Blackfire is a tool to test applications. It allows users to write performance tests but also to automate test scenarios. With Blackfire it's possible to look into the smallest details when performance issues arise. It's also easy to compare whether changes are actually an improvement by using their state-of-the-art call graphs. Teams can easily collaborate and compare results on Blackfire by taking advantage of the workspaces.

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