How PHPro helps with displaying the correct product information

Last week you could read about the 22 most important properties of a good webshop according to Google, this week we zoom in a little deeper on the product information chapter. This chapter consists of product details, product reviews, the search function and product prices.


Clear product features and images are of crucial importance to customers and we as PHPro are happy to support with this in various ways.

Web design

Initially, the clear presentation of the product features starts with the design of the website. PHPro has been working with our sister company Sidekick for many years. They are now perfectly specialized in delivering e-commerce webshops aimed at maximum conversions. Some of the customers that recently chose for a redesign are Sleepworld, E5, Exterioo and Juntoo to give just a few examples.


Another important part of clear product details is the “Product Information Management” system. A PIM system is a system in which you can collect, manage and publish all product information centrally. In this PIM you can store texts, tables, images and other multimedia files and also set rules that determine when a product may or may not be placed online in the webshop.

Within PHPro, many customers opt for an integration with Akeneo, which is often implemented by our sister company Induxx. They have even developed their own Induxx Connector, which ensures a smooth exchange between data from Akeneo and Magento (Adobe). Many large customers rely on a PIM on a daily basis, such as Sioen, Rob Brussels, Veritas, Xandres and Bel&Bo, to name just a few.

Product details on the webshop

Now that the product details have been nicely designed and entered correctly in the PIM, it is time for the next step: displaying the product details on the webshop. After all, for some customers, these are of crucial importance in the purchasing process. The screenshot below from Juntoo shows how customers can easily find the dimensions of products on their webshop, as well as the materials, for example.


PDP Juntoo
PDP SIP Protection

The product details can also be clearly found with customers such as Zesso, Obelink and Xandres.

On the SIP Protection webshop, part of Sioen, the product details are even more important than on the average webshop. All their products must meet certain certificates and standards, which can also change per size and colour. The materials used are also of great importance, as a result of which they are extensively noted on the webshop, as well as the washing instructions, as you can see above.

SEO & Marketing


It is of course also important that your product information can be easily found in Google and other search engines. That is why we at PHPro have already developed various SEO & marketing modules that help our customers obtain a better SEO score.

Thanks to our self-made PHPro Modules, we have already provided a lot of improvements to the standard Adobe & Magento functionality. For example, our alternate links module ensures that search engines can easily find the PDP, PLP and CMS pages in other languages, while our canonical URL module ensures that fairly identical product pages do not cause duplicate content.

In addition, we have already developed an Open Graph module, which also makes it easy for Facebook and Twitter to retrieve the correct product information. The standard Magento Rich Snippet information has also been expanded to support multiple product types.


Product ratings and product reviews are also a very important factor in the purchase process and our customers know this too.

Magento reviews

At Baby-lux, the standard Magento reviews are used for product reviews, as shown in the screenshot below.

Magento Reviews Baby-Lux

Our customer Obelink also uses the Adobe reviews and even opted for an extension with a module to show the reviews in a true look.


Trustpilot is a valued partner in providing product reviews for many of our customers. For example, Vinetiq, Juntoo, Exterioo, Sleepworld and Baby-Lux use Trustpilot. Sleepworld even provided a real integration between Trustpilot and the Magento webshop, so that the Trustpilot product reviews are also displayed in Magento and can also be used in Google thanks to our custom rich snippets module.


Kiyoh is also a well-known rating system. Within PHPro, Bel&Bo uses this review system, among others.


You could already read last week that the conversion percentage is higher among customers who use the search function, but there is also a lot of difference between the search engines used. We would like to explain a few of them here:


Many of our Magento Open Source projects opted for the module to easily set up filters and search results. This module uses ElasticSearch and allows to search by products, categories and content.


Juntoo and Exterioo opted for an integration with Sensefuel, which specializes in offering personalized recommendations based on artificial intelligence.


Algolia is also appreciated by many of our customers as a search engine. For example, in the Vinetiq webshop you can see that you can search by products, categories as well as by countries and regions. Thanks to the extensive settings in Algolia, you as a customer can easily optimize the search results and thanks to artificial intelligence, your end customer will also see increasingly better search results.


Tweakwise is used by many of our customers for personalized site search as well as merchandising and recommendations. This means that for E5, for example, all search results from Tweakwise are shown, while Juntoo and Exterioo use Tweakwise to show and populate the PLPs.

Adobe Sensei

You could already read more about Adobe Sensei in this blog post. Do not hesitate to contact us if you would like a demo of this!


There are also various options for displaying product prices. For example, several customers choose to show both a gross and net price. Other customers also show unit prices with their products, such as a price per liter or kilogram. Finally, volume discounts are also often used, such as, for example, get 3, pay 2 or a discount of 40% for one piece and a discount of 60% for 3 pieces as can be seen in the screenshots below.

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