Aerobertics: ecommerce at a higher level

Passionate about RC planes, drones and other high-tech aeronautics gadgets? Then you should be at Aerobertics! Aerobertics also wanted to fly to new heights by migrating their webshop from Magento 1 to Magento 2.

This sounded like the ideal challenge for a seasoned Magento expert like PHPro!


Platform: Magento 2

PIM: Akeneo

ERP: Sage

Site search: Algolia


Sales automation

The main goal of this project was to largely automate and centralize the online sales process. Technology was used to enable Aerobertics to very easily process orders from a single central system. In this way we lighten the workload of the webshop administrators.

UX design

In addition, the site could also use a more modern design with a better information flow and a more user-friendly navigation. This makes it easier for visitors to click on products and scroll through pages completely.

Site search optimization

Finally, Aerobertics wanted to offer a better site search that would allow visitors to find specific models and accessories more quickly.

Wondering how we have done this?


Big bang live

Originally Aerobertics wanted to go live with all systems (Webshop + PIM + ERP) at the same time. This always involves risks. That's why we chose to go live in phases, with a lot of mutual consultation and tight communication. By working from an MVP as much as possible, we were able to spread risks and tackle problems in a more targeted way.


The project started with a thorough analysis of the new webshop functions (front-end + back-end) and the expectations regarding the PIM and ERP integrations. When there was a clear overview of this, development started. During development, we ensured close contact between the ERP and the PIM integrators. As a result, these integrations went very smoothly and we were able to show results more quickly.



The new Aerobertics webshop is a lot more efficient! All orders are now processed from one central database, giving the Aerobertics team more time to play with their own aircraft.

In addition, the website boasts a modern and user-friendly design! Visitors can now easily find their ideal RC models. Mission accomplished!

Have a look at the website with your own eyes!


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