Kariboo Magento Module

Whoohoo! The Kariboo! Shipping Manager Magento plugin integrates the delivery methods of Kariboo! right into your webshop.

PHPRo developed yet another succesful Magento shipping module.

As one of the most experienced Pick-Up & Drop Off (PUDO) specialists in Belgium, the parcel service Kariboo! treats thousands of parcels each day and offers a multitude of advantages:

  • An extensive network: already more than 600 Kariboo! Spots
  • Late cut off hours: sorting activities happen at night
  • Early delivery before 7:30 AM all over the country
  • Large opening hours of Kariboo! Spots: your customers pick up or drop off their parcels when it suits them best!
  • Green! 0 grammes of CO¬≤ extension thanks to our combined transports
  • Flexible: a combination with integrated e-fulfilment solutions is possible
  • Highly commercial spirit: we help you to fully expand your business with high quality business and marketing services

Main features

  • Detailed logging & error handling
  • Support for Magento table rates
  • Cash On Delivery
  • Filter card on postal code, open after 16h & open on Sunday
  • Return label on standard label included
  • Personalized suggestions: most strategic Kariboo! Spots based on previous order
  • Generate labels from Magento back-end
  • Return labels provided
  • Email return label with button
  • Integrated T&T (status visible within Magento, updated hourly)