PHPro revamps ROB-tv website

The ROB-tv website was built by another Drupal shop, so when ROB-tv asked us to revamp the website, it was quite a challenge. In short, the project consisted of:

A new design, based on the newly created brand identity.

"It needs to work on mobile" so, among other things, it needed to be responsive.

There was a small catch though: the website was built with Drupal 6 and there was currently no opportunity to upgrade towards Drupal 7.



Creating a responsive theme for Drupal 6

In most cases, we use Omega as a base theme. A Drupal 6 version of this base theme exists, but it does not have support for responsive lay-outs. So we had to create our own, working our way through Drupal 6 and without the possibility to refactor certain parts of the website (i.e. views). We also replaced the Flash video player with an HTML 5 variant, allowing mobile users to watch the news updates on their devices.

It wasn't easy, but today we are proud to present a fully responsive ROB-tv website, so go check it out on your mobile!

About ROB-tv

The first broadcast of ROB-tv came on Monday, November 15, 1993. That day, ROB-tv received a broadcasting license as a regional broadcaster for Leuven. But not only a new regional broadcaster was born, it was also the first step towards the East Brabant identity in Flanders. Today the concept of East Brabant is established and ROB-tv presents itself as the news channel for East Brabant.