Escapo C.V. is a well-known distributor of medicines and pharmaceutical products. Founded in 1963, the company counts at this moment around 140 employees. Escapo C.V. is, amongst other activities, the main distributor for “Thuiszorgwinkel”. At Thuiszorgwinkel you can buy or rent all kinds of products to improve your health and comfort, like wheel chairs, blood pressure monitors, … .



Drupal and Magento: a perfect combination

The project needed a mature e-commerce functionality and an advanced content management system. Therefore, the power of two platforms was combined: Magento and Drupal!

With a seamless front-end integration of both platforms, a powerful online system was created:

  • Recommended Magento products are shown in Drupal blocks.
  • Each newsletter registration on the Drupal side is pushed directly to Magento.
  • Drupal and Magento search combined in one handy search box
  • Integrated customer menu

SAP and bpost synchronization

Synchronization with the ERP system SAP enables Thuiszorgwinkel to reduce overhead and create a unique shopping experience. Products are imported from the SAP environment to the Magento platform. After additional product enrichment online, the products are pushed to the frontend. Customer-specific prices are updated in SAP and synchronised with Magento. Orders and product stock are periodically updated between the e-commerce platform and the ERP system. The synchronization with SAP and the integration with the bpost shipping manager allows Thuiszorgwinkel to obtain an efficient e-commerce strategy.