Sensiolabs is the creator of the open source framework: Symfony. They support a network of 45 partners worldwide, of which we are one. 

The strength of this partnership lies in the continuous support for projects in Symfony and PHP and training for (junior) developers. Through this partnership, we constantly provide, and gain, new insights and expertise.

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PHPro, official partner of Sensiolabs

PHPro is recognized by Sensiolabs as a partner based on our expertise. So when you want to do a PHP/Symfony project together with us, you are assured that you are not just joining forces with any party, but that you can rely on years of experience. As a partner of Sensiolabs, we assure:

  • A quality guarantee towards your application
  • A quality guarantee to our people. They always get the best support to sharpen their skills. 
  • A durable, high-performance application that has been reviewed by experts.